Born To Be Somebody -Harry Styles Love Story- Completed

Destiny,Jamie and Sam are normal teenage girls.Or so you may think they are but Destiny and Sam have brothers who are really famous.But at school they are all treated the same which is fine by them. During her journey in London with her friends, they meet the famous British Boy Band. What will happen next?♥
Enjoy the story:)


24. Chapter 21

Destiny's P.O.V

I was getting ready to go to some place that I'm not familiar with to celebrate Mother's Day. Apparently I'm the only one that doesn't know the place that were going to.

I quickly finished my make-up and walked downstairs seeing Harry waiting for me downstairs already dressed in a suit. He smiled and lend me his hand. I put my hand around his arm and we walked outside and into his car.

"You look beautiful as always." he said while opening my door for me.


Destiny's Outfit: 

"You look handsome as always."


Harry's Outfit: 

I smiled and pecked his lips before I sat onto the passengers seat. He closed my side and walked around to the drivers side.

Gemma, Anne and Robin are gone with the other car. We will be meeting them at the restaurant I think is where were going. No one has said a word about where were gonna celebrate at.

"Hey babe?" I asked. "Yeah?" harry asked still keeping his eyes on the road. "Would you like to tell me where we're going?" I asked hoping he would tell me. He just laughed and turned to look at me and focusing on the road at the same time. "I would tell you but then it wouldn't be fun." he said making me pout.

I sat quietly in my seat. My arms folded not daring to say another word. "Babe, do you think we should go out on a date? Like a proper date?" he asked. I didn't say anything to him. He chuckled knowing that I'm trying to ignore him until he tells me where we're going.

"Babe, you can't just ignore me for the rest of the night. We gotta communicate somehow." he said tickling my chin with his index finger. I slowly pushed his hand away from my face. Of course I wasn't mad at him. I just wanna know where we're heading.

"Okay, if I tell you...would you stop ignoring your cute, hot, amazing boyfriend?" he asked. I gave him the look and he smiled. "What? All those things are true." he tickled my chin again which made me laugh. "Yay. Okay so we're going to this place that the boys and I rented. It's like a big restaurant and there are going to be a lot of mothers there. The boys and their families are gonna be there too so it'll be fun." he said smiling everytime he says each word. I smiled and kissed his cheek. "You're amazing." even though it was dark, I could tell he was blushing. I giggled to myself.

We finally arrived at restaurant and I've got to admit it. There were lots of cars parked in the parking lot. There was music coming from the big building and people talking over thermselves. 

Harry parked the car next to his stepdad's car and walked over to my side and open my door. I got out and grabbed my purse trying to fix up my dress. I grabbed Harry's hand and we walked into the big restaurant. 

When we stepped in there were lots of lights moving around and people dancing, well mostly ladies. It didn't look like a restaurant in the front. There were ladies doing their manicure, their hair and all other stuff. Almost like pamper night for the mother's. I saw a few teens walking around.

Harry lead me through the other doors and this place looked like a restaurant although there was a stage with instruments. It was beautiful. The building was huge. We saw Anne, Gemma, Robin and the boys families sitting on one big long table. Harry pulled my hand and Harry sat next his mom and I was next to Harry then there was a spare chair next to me.

I saw the boys and I said hello to all of them. Harry then introduced me to the whole table and right now, I'm sitting with the most amazing people in the world. I met everybody individually and had small conversations with them.

I turned around and there was still a spare chair next to me. I asked Harry if I should take it to another table but he said to just leave it there. "Hey I'll be back okay?" he asked I nodded. He walked around and walked on stage? I turned around looking confused.

"Hello everybody! How is everybody doing tonight?" he asked through the microphone and everyone cheered even the people doing their pampering just on the other side. 

"Okay. I just want to do something for my lovely girlfriend." he said and everyone on our table looked at me. I blushed and looked down. "Babe I got a suprise for you." he said and I looked up confused. "MRS SCHMIDT COME OUT!" he called out and I thought he was kidding but then I saw my mother walked out on stage and I couldn't believe it. She's here. She is actually here. In london. She's in the same room as me. OMG. I ran up on stage and engulfed my mom into a big enormous hug ever.

"OMG! Mom you're here. How d-did you-"

"Harry got me here." she said. I turned around and saw Harry standing there smiling at me. I connected our lips together not caring who was looking. I heard people clapping and the boys making weird whistling noises which made me break off the kiss. I hugged Harry tight. "Thank you so much. Can't believe you did all of this just for me." I said. "I would do anything to make you smile." he said. "I love you" I said. "I love you too." he said and everyone 'awwed'.

I turned around and smiled to the audience. I grabbed my mother's hand and Harry on the other hand and we walked off stage and back at the table. Now I know who the spare seat is for. My mother sat next to me and out waitress came and took our orders.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~10 minutes later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We just finished our dessert and the ladies were starting to dance with their partners. Harry was talking with the boys so I grabbed my mothers hand and walked onto the dance floor. We started dancing not caring how bad we looked.

We were dancing around for about 5 minutes until someone grabbed me from the waist and spinning me around. I looked up and saw Harry being the cheeky boy he is.

Just in time 'How Do I Live' by LeAnn Rimes played. Harry put his hand on my hips and I place my hands around his neck dancing to the rhythmn of the song.

"Thank you. This has been the best Mother's day celebration ever. I really appreciate what you did for my mother." I said. He smiled. "I'll do anything even if my life depends on it just to make you the happiest girl in the world." he said. I kissed him passionately and then the music ended.

This has been an amazing night. Thanks to my cute, hot, amazing boyfriend...Harry Edward Styles.
















A/N: I'm sorry I haven't updated in ages my internet is cut off and now I have to use the library internet after school. Thank you for the comments and favouriting this story it means a lot. Keep commenting and hearting this story. Stay Beautiful :) x

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