Born To Be Somebody -Harry Styles Love Story- Completed

Destiny,Jamie and Sam are normal teenage girls.Or so you may think they are but Destiny and Sam have brothers who are really famous.But at school they are all treated the same which is fine by them. During her journey in London with her friends, they meet the famous British Boy Band. What will happen next?♥
Enjoy the story:)


23. Chapter 20

Harry's P.O.V

I parked my car in front of my lovely home where I was raised and loved by my amazing family. I open my door and walked around the other side to open Destiny's door. She grabbed my hand and stepped out of the car looking beautiful as always. 

I quickly pecked her lips and closing the door. I grabbed my car keys and locked my car. The other boys are with their families celebrating Mother's Day with their mothers. Jamie and Sam did the same and they were really hoping Destiny could celebrate with her mom. Destiny gripped on my hand squeezing the life out of it. She looked at me. "Sorry. I-I'm just nervous that's all." she stuttered. 

I put my hands on her shoulders and convinced her that everything will be okay. "Babe, you're gonna be fine. I'm the one that's suppose to  be nervous here." I said. She gave me the most confusing look ever. "But aren't they you're family?" she asked. "Well yeah. But mom could be pretty embarrassing when it comes to meeting my girlfriends or friends." I said making her laugh. "I get how you feel. Now I can't wait to meet you're mom." she said smiling cheekily at me. I shoved her lightly and knocked on the door.

I grabbed her hand and put it in my pocket making her lean against me. Soon the door flew open and there stood Gemma with the biggest smile on her face. "Harry! I missed you so much. Oh my gosh I can't believe you're here." she said engulfing me with the biggest hug ever. I laughed trying to lossen her grip on my neck. "Gem...I.Can't.Breathe." I said and she let me go quickly and she gave me the 'sorry look'. "Nice seeing you again sis." I said. 

I grabbed Destiny's hand and introduced her to my sister. "Destiny this is Gemma. Gemma this is Destiny, my girlfriend." I said. Gemma's smiled went wide. She hugged Destiny which took her by surprise. I guess she wasn't expecting that. I wasn't expecting that reaction to happen. "Nice to meet you. You're so gorgeous and beautiful..I mean wow- Oh my gosh I sound lesbian right now." Gemma said making Dest and I laugh. "Nice meeting you too." Dest said. 

"Well, don't just stand there. Come in it's cold out here." she lead us into the house and it was nice and warm in here. She ran into the kitchen probably making coffee or whatever. Dest was walking around the house looking at the photos. I heard footsteps coming from the stairs and I turned around to find my mom walking down in her phone. She looked up and saw me standing there then she ran all the way down and I couldn't believe she ran that fast. She got me into a bone crushing hug which made me cough and I heard Destiny's little tiny giggles from the back. 

"How is my little Harold? I missed a lot. You've grown so much look at you. You're such a big boy." My mother went on and on and I heard Gemma and Destiny in the kitchen laughing. I rolled my eyes. Anyways I am momma's boy. "I missed you too mom. Happy Mother's Day. Where's Robin?" I asked her. "He's at work. He made me breakfast in bed this morning before he left. He's such a sweetheart." she said. I smiled. "Mom, there's someone I want you to meet." I said grinning. "Well who is it?" she asked. "Dest! Come in here please." I called out. I heard her footsteps coming from the kitchen.

I turned around and saw her walking with two cups of coffee in her hands. She quickly placed it on the coffee table and stood next to me. I smiled and grabbed her hand and pulled her in front of me. My head was leaning on her shoulder from the back. "Mom, I would like you to meet girlfriend." I said smiling. My mother stood there quiet for a minute not knowing what to say. I felt Dest shifting uncomfortably in front of me. Then my mother turned her shocked face into a happy smiley impression which gave me a sign of relief. 

She put her arms out wide basically asking for a hug. Destiny walked up to her and accepted her hug. "It's lovely meeting you sweetie." my mother smiled. "It's nice meeting you too Mrs Cox." Dest said politely. "Please call me Anne." Destiny nodded and we sat down in the living talking about stuff that's been happening lately. Gemma joined us and they started playing old family videos when I was a little boy. This is when the embarrassing moment starts. 

One video showed how I wore my mother's bra and running around like Superman. Destiny started laughing and I stood up walking to the back.

Destiny's P.O.V

Gemma and Anne were really nice. We were watching some old films of Harry and Gemma. Also the videos when the whole family was together, when Harry's Father Des and Anne weren't divorced. They looked very happy and they still are now. When a video of Harry wearing his mother's bra I started laughing and Harry stood up and walked to the back.

I hope he's not upset. I told Gemma and Anne that I'll be back. I just needed to check on Harry if he's okay. I walked at the back where he went and I saw him outside making a phone call in the backyard. When I stepped outside the wind hit my face like a tonne of bricks. It was freezing cold outside but I didn't care. Harry saw me and got off the phone with who ever he was talking to.

My teeth were chattering and Harry walked towards me. "Babe, what are you doing outside it's cold." He said hugging me. My head was leaning on his chest and I could hear his heart beating. "I came to see if you were mad." I said. "Why would I be mad?" he asked. "I don't know. You just walked out and didn't say anything, so I thought you were at mad." I said. "Look at me." he said. I looked up at him and he put his left hand on my cheek. "I will never be mad at you..ever okay?" he asked. I nodded and he pecked my lips.

"Come on. It's too cold." he said and lead back into the house. We walked back in and Gemma and Anne were still watching. Harry sat down and I was about to sit next to him but he pulled me on his lap. I shuffled around until I got comfortable and continued watching the films.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~20 minutes later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I'm at the mall shopping with Gemma and Anne. Harry said he had to do something so he left like 10 minutes ago. We are now in the jewellery store looking for something for mother's. I wanna buy something for my mom. At least I can buy her something for Mother's day. We were looking around until someone blocked my eyes. "Guess who?" someone asked with a weird girly voice. "Is it Spongebob?" I asked. "Good guess." I turned around and saw Harry. That cheeky boy. 

I smiled. "Wow. I was expecting Spongebob to be a squared shape but..this is different." I said. Harry tried to make a square shape but failed. I laughed at his weirdness and pulled him over to pick a jewellery for my mom. "How about this one?" he asked. He held it up and it was perfect. 

"It's beautiful. She'll love it." I said. Harry held on to it. "Anne. This one look pretty on you." I said. Her and Gemma walked up to me and I handed Anne the necklace. 

"Wow. This is beautiful. Thanks." she said. 


My phone buzzed and I walked out to answer it.


'Hey sis. I finally had the time to call you. We were pretty busy when we arrived. We had to go do a lot of interviews and I didn't have the time to call you. We all miss you guys. How's everything going in London?'

I was so glad to hear his voice again. 

'That's okay. I'm glad you guys made it there safe. Everything is going great here as a matter of fact I'm with Harry and his family. Well, his mom and sister. His step dad is at work so yeah. Were doing some shopping. The girls are gone to see their families. I wish I could celebrate with mom but she's too busy.'

'That sounds fun. I know mom is busy just give her some time.'

'I know..I know. I miss you.'

'I miss you too and the boys said hi.'

'Put me on loud speaker.'

"You're on."

"Hey guys!"

"Hey Dest. Hi Dest. What are you doing?"

Their loud voices boomed through the speakers. I laughed.

"I'm good. I'm you guys heaps.'

'We miss you too. Okay sis we gotta go. We have an signing to do today. Bye Love you.'

"kk. I love you too. Be careful."

"You too."

"Okay. Bye."

I turned off the phone and Harry, Gemma and Anne walked out of the jewellery store. "Hey. Everything okay?" Harry asked. I nodded. I grabbed some of the other bags from Anne. "Oh..Thanks love." she said. "No problem." I walked next to Harry and we soon arrived to the car.

We put all the shopping bags at the boot and got in. We're going to get something to eat and then we're going to this thing tonight for mother's day. I have no idea what it is but apparently Gemma and Anne know.
















A/N: Thank you so much for the hearts. I really appreciate it. Don't forget to comment and keep hearting. Stay Beautiful :) x

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