Born To Be Somebody -Harry Styles Love Story- Completed

Destiny,Jamie and Sam are normal teenage girls.Or so you may think they are but Destiny and Sam have brothers who are really famous.But at school they are all treated the same which is fine by them. During her journey in London with her friends, they meet the famous British Boy Band. What will happen next?♥
Enjoy the story:)


20. Chapter 17

Destiny's P.O.V

I just finished taking a shower and now I'm getting dressed for tonight. The boys were already dressed and now they are heading off first so it wouldn't be too obvious. I was doing my hair now and putting on make-up. There are gonna be a lot of celebrities there so I gotta look my best. I put on my blue heels and grabbed my purse my keys and my cell phone.

Destiny'e Outfit: 

The girls were waiting downstairs already dressed up ready for the party.

Sam's Outfit: 

Jamie's Outfit: 

We all headed outside and into the car. We drove off to the party and it was getting darker.

We finally arrived in front of the house and there were already cars there and people standing outside chatting. I saw the boys car and I parked my car next to it. We got out and Harry and the lads came and greeted us. "Hey." Harry pecked my lips. "You look beautiful." He smiled making me blush. "Well you look charming." I said. He flipped his hair making me laugh. He grabbed my hand and lead me to where the other celebrities were. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~10 minutes later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tonight is fun. I just met Ed Sheeran and Cher Lloyd ten minutes ago. Harry and I are sitting where the pool is. Everyone was inside and some were outside talking and meeting other people. I saw Kendall talking to a fan I think. I can't believe they're leaving tomorrow morning. I'm gonna miss them so much. They're going to Australia next. 

"So, what are you girls doing tomorrow?" Harry asked out of the blue. "I don't know. Just chill out and sleep." I said. "Wow. That seem fun." he said sarcastically. I laughed. I felt my phone buzzing. I got it out of my purse and answered it. "Sorry, I gotta take this. It's my mum." I said. Harry nodded. "Hey mum. How are you? Are you okay?" I asked. "Sweetie, I'm fine." I smiled when I heard her voice. "That's good. I was just gonna call you when I get home." I said. "Oh I'm sorry honey. Am I interrupting something?" she asked. "No mom. I'm just at BTR's farewell party. Us and One Direction organized it. There's a lot of people here." I said.

"That sounds amazing. Oh I miss my precious children so much." she said. "We miss you too mom. When are you coming back to London?" I asked. "Not soon baby. I'm really busy and I don't know when I'm going to be able to come to London." She said making me frown. "Alright." 

"Well go have fun honey. Be careful. Tell your brother to call me when he gets home." She said. "Okay."

"Okay. I love you sweetie."

"I love you too, mom. Bye." I said and hung up. I turned around and the boys were standing on something that looked like a stage. Kendall had the mic. "Good evening everybody. I would like to thank you all for coming. Thank you for welcoming us to your lovely country. It's been an amazing journey for us. We would like to thank our amazing British fans here in London, England. Thank you for being there we really appreciate it. We would mostly like to say thank you to One Direction and those who helped out with the farewell party. Thank you and we would like to visit London again some time next year. Thank You and enjoy your night everybody." Kendall finished and we all clapped. I wiped away a tear that fell. That was the cutest thing ever.

Kendall walked up to me. "Hey sis. Why are you crying?" he asked. "I'm gonna miss you so much." I said hugging him. "I know. I know. I'm gonna miss you more but hey let's enjoy the party." he said. I nodded and he put his hand behind my neck. We walked towards where the others were.

Soon everyone was starting to leave. They were saying goodbyes to BTR. It was only us left. We cleaned up a few stuff and were getting ready to go back home.

"Tonight was fun. That was an awesome party." Sam said. Zayn was hugging her waist. "Thank you so much you guys." James said. "No problem mate." Liam said. They said they're goodbyes and BTR left first. "Okay we gotta go. It's been a long day for us." I planted a kiss on Harry's lips and hugged him. "Night you guys." Jamie said and we got in the car. We drove back home feeling tired.

We finally arrived home and the boys car was already here. We got out and I locked my car. Sam knocked on the door and Logan opened it. We walked in and I took my heels off. I walked in the kitchen and got out an ice-cream. "Hey Ken. Mom wanted you to call her tonight." I said. He went and grabbed his phone off the microwave and walked outside.

I got sore feet from those heels. Everyone walked to their rooms. I said goodnight to everybody and walked upstairs and into my room. I ate my ice-cream and trying not to fall asleep at the same time. But my tiredness took over me. 
















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