Born To Be Somebody -Harry Styles Love Story- Completed

Destiny,Jamie and Sam are normal teenage girls.Or so you may think they are but Destiny and Sam have brothers who are really famous.But at school they are all treated the same which is fine by them. During her journey in London with her friends, they meet the famous British Boy Band. What will happen next?♥
Enjoy the story:)


18. Chapter 15

Destiny's P.O.V

"WAKE UP SLEEPYHEAD! WAKE UP!"Someone was jumping on my bed.

I groaned and rolled on the other side.

"WAKE UP DEST!WAKE UP!WAKE UP!"The singing was so annoying.

"I'M UP!"I blew a strand of my hair out of my face.

Sam was standing there grinning.

Then I remembered.

"Lady,"I said her grin turned into a frown.

"Oh man I shouldn't have come to wake you up"She said I grinned.

"Sam, even though you didn't come and wake me up, I'm still going to ask you.Now spill"I said.

She gave up and sat at the bottom of my bed.

"Okay.So you know how I texted you that I was with the hottest guy and you said it was.."she said looking at me.

"Shrek.mmhmn.Carry on."I said.

"So yeah we started going on a few rides and we ate a little and I guess we were just caught in the moment and suddenly we kissed."she said blushing.

"Aww.Your blushing that's so cute"I cooed.

"Shut up!"She said hitting me with one of my pillows.

"Hahaha Sam is in love.Sam is in love with..Shrek.oh Sam is in lo-"

"Ouch!"I groaned and got up from the floor.

"Sam!"I sad glaring at her.

"What? You said I was in love with shrek."She said looking innocent.

"And you thought kicking me on the ground is fun?"I said 

"Eh.I think it was good enough.When you think about it"she said and walked out the door.

I rolled my eyes and started thinking of a way to get my revenge.

I went in my bathroom and I was about to turn on the shower when I heard my phone ringing.

I went back and grabbed my phone that was on my night stand answered without even looking at the caller ID.

(Unknown Destiny)


Good morning is this the dog show?

Uhm do I sound like a dog to you sir?

Um no not really.

Oh good so now you know I'm not a dog.Now bye.

I ended the call and walked back to the bathroom.

Stupid man thought I was a dog.

Ugh. The little piece of sh-

Ring Ring Ring

Aahhh who the hell is this.

I grabbed my phone and this time I looked at the caller ID.

Oh it's Harry thank god.

(Destiny Harry )

Hey Curly. What's up.

Thanks for hanging up on me.

What?You didn-..wait that was you?

Hahaha yes babe I was testing you, and I'm sorry Babe I'm afraid you didn't pass the test.

Haha why would you ask stupid questions like.Seriously Haz if you called someone else they're just come after you.

Yeah well I didn't call someone else did I.

Oh shut up. You know I was going to take a shower but some weirdo keeps on calling me.

What if that weirdo is in love with you.

Then I will expect the weirdo to have curly hair and emrald green eyes.

Haha well you got your wish.

Hehehe.So why did you call?

Am I not allowed to called my girlfriend?

No I mean why would call this early.

Because we are planning a party for BTR and you and your friends are all invited.

Oh how did you kn-..I mean okay do you guys need help with that?

Uhm if you wanna help me then you can help me that would make me happy.

Haz anything makes you happy.

Not everything. Now go take a shower I'll pick you and the girls up.

Okay. No you don't have to pick us up, I'll just drive there.

Okay.I love you.

Hahaha I love you too.

I turned off my phone and ran in the bathroom and took a shower so I won't get interrupted again.

The water hit my skin and it was warm.

What happens when Harry finds out I'm Kendall's little sister?

I don't want him to find out.

Even though I want to tell him but I just can't.

I really want to be like those people who don't really care about what people say about them, but I guess I'm not like those people.

I wish I can just make a wish and everything will be perfect.

Like in other fairytales.

But in my world nothing is a fairytale.

Fairytales have happy endings but my fairytales always ends with bad situations and it never ends.

I snapped out of my thoughts when someone was pounding on my bathroom door.

I turned off the shower and grabbed my towel and wrapped it around me.

I opened the door and Jamie was standing the smiling.

"Hello Jamie? What are doing?Where are the boys?"I asked walking towards my closet.

"And what are you smiling about?"

"Well first of all why were you taking for ages.We just finished having breakfast."she  said looking at me.

"I was on the phone and I went to take a shower"I said looking through my clothes.

"Who were you on the phone with?"she said wriggling her eyebrows.

"No one"I said picking out the perfect outfit.

"How can you be on the phone with no one"she asked raising her eyebrow.

I groaned. "Harry"I said not making eye contact with her.

"What?I'm sorry I didn't hear that.Can you say it again"she said.

"Harry now shoo"I said dragging her out the door.

"Wait but I didn't tell you why I was smiling"she said I laughed.

"Okay Why were you smiling?"I asked

"Hahaha. Well I'm glad you asked.I just got a text from Mr Payne and he said that we are all invited to BTR farewell party"she said.

"Well hahaha you and 'Mr Payne' aye."I said wriggling my eyebrows.

"That's not the point"she said slapping me on the arm playfully.

"Yeah well you gotta admit, you two look darn cute together."I said giggling.

"Oh shut up La La La I can't hear you"she said walking out of the room.


I rolled my eyes and changed into this : 

I put my hair in a ponytail with a light pink bow on it.

I decided to go with a natural look today.

So I used a little bit of mascara.

I only wear eye shadow and stuff like that when it's fun occasions and special events.

I grabbed my phone and headed downstairs and everyone was sitting in the living room watching...the blank screen.

Man these people are boring.

"MORNING!!"I said sitting next to Kendall.

"What took you so long.There's breakfast in the microwave."he said I nodded.and walked over to the fridge and poured some juice in a glass.

"Oh and Dest mum called earlier this morning"He said.

I sighed. I miss my mum. I didn't even talk to here ever since she went back home.

"What did she say?"I asked coming back in the living room.

"She apologised for not calling us because she was really busy and she is still. And she just told me to be careful and she told me to send her love to you because you were still sleeping."he said I nodded.

"Can I call her?"I asked.

"I don't think that's a good idea Dest. She is really busy."he said firmly. I sighed and stared at the blank t.v screen.

"So what are you guys watching?"I asked out of no where.

"The t.v screen"Logan said like it was that obvious.

"You guys are no fun"I said getting up from the couch and giving Kendall a hand.

He just looked at my hand and back up at me.

"C'mon"I said.

He grabbed my hand and I pulled him up.

"Guys you too. Get your butts of those couches before they stick there."I said.

They all groaned loudly and got off the couches.

"You guys sound like injured seals"I said they just rolled their eyes.

"Where are we going"James asked.

"Who said anything about we."I said.



"I so don't get her"

"Us girls are not coming with you. You are going to roam around London enjoy your time while your still here."I said they shared a smiled and Carlos was the first one out of the door.

I rolled my eyes.

"How come I didn't come up with that"Logan said.

"I guess girls are always the brainiacs and you boys are maniacs"I said Jamie and Sam were giggling behind me.

"Sam's not a brainiac."James said.

"Ugh shut up"Sam said messing up James hair.

"MY HAIR!"he said and we all laughed at his weirdness.

"Well it is true.Sam isn't a braniac she's a pain in the ass sometimes"and that earned me a slap on the arm.

I laughed. "Now go. Have a great day you guys"I said pushing them out the door.

"Thanks sis"Kendall said. "Your welcome.Now go.Have fun okay"I said and waved.

I closed the door and now it was just me and the girls.

"Okay guys we gotta go the lads are waiting for us"I said and they nodded and we headed to where the lads were.

As if on time I got a text from Harry.

I pulled over on the side of the road and texted him back.

(Harry Destiny)

Hey are you here yet? xx

Yeah I'm on my way.

Are you bringing the girls with you?

Yeah were all coming.

Okay see you soon babe. I love you xx

Kk I love you too xx

"Dest stop blushing and hurry up"Sam said.

"I am not"I said driving again.

"Yes you are Jamie pass me her phone"she said and before I could grab my phone Jamie already gave it to Sam.

"Ooops Sorry"she said. I just rolled my eyes.

"Ooo what do we have here"Sam said.

She was probably looking through my texts.

"What are you doing"I asked.

"Not being nosy that's for sure"she said sarcastically.

"Jamie here this 'Kissy Kissy Destiny did you miss me?' aww how cute is that? What do you think Jamie"Sam said.

I gasped. "He did not say that"I said glaring at her from the rear view mirror.

She just smirked at me.

"Well I think that is extremely cute of Harry"Jamie said I hit her and she laughed.

"What?It's true.You know you and 'Mr Styles' look really cute together"she said.

That is just like what I said to her earlier. Ugh she is trying to get back at me.

Well too bad you are on my target list.

Now I have three people on my target list.

Muahahahaha. eh ugh eh. I think I choked on something.

Sam's Outfit

Jamie's Outfit

















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