Born To Be Somebody -Harry Styles Love Story- Completed

Destiny,Jamie and Sam are normal teenage girls.Or so you may think they are but Destiny and Sam have brothers who are really famous.But at school they are all treated the same which is fine by them. During her journey in London with her friends, they meet the famous British Boy Band. What will happen next?♥
Enjoy the story:)


17. Chapter 14

Harry's P.O.V  


I feel like I'm on the top of the world.  

I can't believe that Destiny is now my girlfriend.  

This is one of the best days of my life.  

"Hey you wanna go find the others?"I asked her.  

She looked up at me and nodded.  

Ipecked her lips and we jumped of the ride.  

I hugged her close to me.  

"So how many brothers and sisters do you have?"I asked.    


Destiny's P.O.V  


We were just walking around trying to find the others.  

Harry hugged me closer to him. I felt safe in his arms.  

"So how many brothers and sisters do you have?"he asked randomly.  

I honestly don't know what to say.  

I don't wanna lie to Harry, especially when we just became boyfriend and girlfriend.  

But I also don't want anyone knowing that me and Kendall are brother and sister.  

I am not ready to get hate from my brothers fans and also Harry's.  

Then I forgot that Harry was still waiting for an answer, so I snap back to reality.  

"uhm I-I have no siblings. I'm the only child."I lied.He nodded.

I hate lying to him but it's for the best right?

"How about you.Do you have any siblings?"I asked. He gave me a look that said 'Are you kidding'.

"What?Answer my question Haz"I said.

His mouth was still hanging open.

"Harry close your mouth you might catch flies"I said and he finally snapped out of it.

"Okay.You don't know I have a sister?"he asked.

"Uhm No.You didn't know I have a pony named poochy with one leg"I said sarcastically.

He rolled his eyes and I laughed at him.

"I have a sister her name is Gemma"he said.

  " Awesome"I said.

Then we saw everyone talking and laughing at the Cotton candy stand.

"Hello guys"Harry said still holding my hand.

"Hey"They all said and then Louis looked at our hands and he looked up at us.

""he asked.We both nodded and Louis hit Harry with his cotton candy.

"You cheater.I thought we loved each other but you cheated on me.Oh you give me a pain in the ass Harold"Loouis fake cried and we all laughed at him.

Then I went and got two cotton candies for me and Harry but Carlos snatched the other one and ran away.

He turned around and saw me glaring at him.

He just laughed and kept on eating MY cotton candy.

I remembered I still haven't got him yet.

Okay.Here goes  nothing.

"OH MY GOD!IS THAT CARLOS PENA?!?OMG IT IS!GUYS IT'S CARLOS FROM BIG TIME RUSH!!!"I screamed and all the other girls came rushing in my direction and I pointed t0 where Carlos was and they all ran to him.

Carlos saw the girls and he screamed and ran away.

I laughed and I walked back to where the rest were.

"What was that about?"Harry asked putting his arms around my waist.

"That's what he gets for stealing my candy"I laughed.

"Babe you do know we can share this one right"he said holding up the cotton candy I gave him.

I shrugged and said "eh he deserves it" everyone laughed and we saw Carlos hiding behind the bathroom.

"Well should we head home?"Liam asked.

"Uhm Yeah I'm getting tired"Jamie said.

You know if you think about it Jamie and Liam they really look cute together.

I looked around and saw Zayn and Sam flirting. Oo la la.

"Yeah I feel tired too"I said leaning my head on Harry's shoulder.

"Okay then we'll go"Niall said.

"Who did you girls come with, we'll drop you off if you want"Louis said looking at us.

I looked over at Kendall and he shrugged.

"Uhm yeah we'll come with you"I said to Louis.

He nodded and we headed towards the car.

Harry was sitting next to me so I cuddled into his chest.

I heard someone  wolf whistling from the back. I blushed and Harry laughed.

Then my phone buzzed.

I got a text from Kendall.

 (Kendall Destiny)

Hey we'll be home late cause we are trying to find Carlos and plus we don't need the boys to see us.

Haha okay 

Oh and congratulations to you and Harry ;)

Thanks bro 

No problem. Just remember your still my little sister.

Yeah. Just remember your still my big brother

Oh shut up Dest lol Okay g2g. We'll be home soon.Oh and have fun.

lol okay and no promises just kidding.

You better be.Okay bye sis xx

Bye bro xx

I turned of my phone and Harry whispered in my ear.

"Is everything okay?"he asked.

"Yeah everything is more than okay"I said.

He smiled and pecked my lips again.

The girls and I jumped out of the car and walked over to the front door.

Harry walked out to and so did..Zayn?

Okay I need some info from Sam tonight before she goes to bed.

Jamie unlocked the door and she said bye and thank you to the boys.

"I had a fun day today"I said.

"Me too.Oh I nearly forgot.Give me your number"he said I laughed

We switched phone numbers and talked for a little wild.

"Okay well I gotta go the boys are waiting"he said.

I yawned.He laughed "You need to go to bed babe, you look tired"he said.

"Okay"He kissed me passionately and Louis was groaning in the van.

I pulled away. "Aww is someone on their man period?"I asked.He looked at me weirdly.

"Boys don't have periods"he said.

"Yes they do.When they reach the age of 20-40 they start getting periods"I said.

He looked scared and he finally shut up.

I kissed Harry one more time and he walked off to the van.

"Goodnight Love"he said.

"Goodnight"I said waving.

"Bye Guys"I said.They all said bye and waved.

Today was a really fun day.

I still can't believe I'm dating Harry.

I am also tired.

I walked in the house and walked upstairs and fell asleep right then.

Harry's P.O.V

Today was a really fun day.

I am really happy and I feel like the happiest guy on earth.

Destiny is everything I ever wanted.

She's funny,crazy,beautiful inside and out,gorgeous.Okay I should just make a list, but uhm you get the point.

Everyone's tired they were falling asleep at the back.

The drive was silent until Louis spoke.

"Harry?"he asked still focusing on the road.


"Do boys get their period when they reach the age 20-40?"he asked.I burst out laughing.

"What's so funny.This is a serious question Harold"he said.

"Lou boys don't get periods"I said.

"B-but-"I cut him off.

"Destiny was just playing with you"I said he gasped.

"So b-boys don't get periods?"he asked.

"No Lou, boys don't get periods.."I trailed off.

"Oh"he said.

"Unless.."I said.

"Oh shut up Harold!"He said I burst out laughing again.

Oh BooBear.

He's always dumb.Just kidding.













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