Born To Be Somebody -Harry Styles Love Story- Completed

Destiny,Jamie and Sam are normal teenage girls.Or so you may think they are but Destiny and Sam have brothers who are really famous.But at school they are all treated the same which is fine by them. During her journey in London with her friends, they meet the famous British Boy Band. What will happen next?♥
Enjoy the story:)


14. Chapter 11

Harry's P.O.V  



We were half way through the interview.  

It was going pretty well.  

She has been asking some random questions but then one caught my attetntion.  

"So you guys had a concert last night.."she trailed off.  

I nodded smiling remembering Destiny and her friends.  

"How was it?"She asked.


"The concert last night was really amazing. The fans were incredible. They would sing along with you. I mean having an audience singing along to your songs is just awesome you know."Liam said smiling.  

"So how was it meeting fans backstage, what was their reaction when they saw you guys standing..Were they like 'OMG IT'S ONE DIRECTION' and they're just start running up to you guys and shout out random things?"She laughed.


"Um meeting the fans backstage was great. We like meeting some of our fans..A few of them were screaming and running towards us and there were three others girls just walking like they were really chilled out and stuff so yeah it was cool."I said grinning remembering last night.  

"Wow Harry, sounds like you enjoyed meeting those wonderful girls."She smirked and my cheeks felt warm.


"Aww he's BLUSHING!"Louis cooed and they all burst out laughing.  

This is embarrassing.  

"Okay Zayn I heard that you and Little Mix member Perrie Edwards were off the hook. Is it just rumours or is this real?"She asked looking at Zayn who was sitting next to me.  

He tensed up when he heard the question.  

He doesn't like it when people bring up his relationship with Perrie.  

"Um it's true actually."He said awkwardly.


She nodded and continued with the show.  

"Okay everybody give up one more time for ONE DIRECTION!"She said and we walked off backstage.  

We came past Selena Gomez.  

"Oh Hey guys nice interview today."She smiled.  

"Thanks."We said in unison.  

We then heard Andrea call out Selena Gomez.  

"Well that's me!Bye guys!"She hugged us.


"Bye and Good luck!"I said and we all waved and went back in the room where BTR was.  

We talked for a good 20 minutes and then we had to leave.  

We walked through the back door.   BTR's van was parked near our car.  

"We'll see you guys around!"I said and hopped in the passenger seat.


Louis was driving and the rest off the boys were at the back.  

"You won't be seeing us around cause were leaving on Monday."Logan said.  

I forgot that they were leaving on Monday.  

Then I came up with a plan.  

Yeah that's right.


The Harry Styles came up with a plan.  

"Since you guys are leaving on Monday, how about we have a party tomorrow?"I asked they all nodded.  

"That's actually a good idea."Carlos said.  

"Okay a goodbye party it is!"I laughed.  

"Wait but how are we going to contact each other?"I asked.  

"We'll put down everyone's numbers."Liam said and we all grabbed our phones out.  

"Okay guys we'll see you tomorrow have a good day."I said and we drove off.    


Destiny's P.O.V  



We were watching Prom Night.  

It wasn't really that scary because it was morning.  

I stood up and walked to the kitchen and grabbed my favourite candy Skittles.  

I came back and Jamie was hugging Sam's head while she fell asleep.  

It's 11:30 and Sam fell asleep on the couch.  


I walked back to the kitchen and started looking around until I found what I was looking for.  

This is going to be good.  

I walked over to the sitting room and saw Jamie still holding onto Sam's head.  

I took out my phone and hit the record button.  

I walked over slowly and HONK!  


She screamed and ran upstairs.  

I was now on the floor laughing hysterically as she came back down with bat?  

I looked at her weird.  

"Dest what are you doing get down there's a killer in the house."She whisper yelled.  

"What's with the baseball bat?"I asked getting back up.


"Shh they could hear you."She whispered. 

I started laughing again.  

"That was me you idiot!"I laughed at her and she looked at me dumb founded.  

"I did that."I said.  

She gave me an evil look.  



"I-I should run aye."I said she nodded slowly.  

I started running around the house screaming Help.  

Apparently Sam was still sleeping on the couch.  

The stupid lazy bum.


How can she not hear me screaming.  

I stopped running and Jamie stopped as well looking at me confused.  

"Let's do it to Sam."I said she nodded smiling.  

We walked over to Sam.  

We were directly  in front off her now.  


She looks like she's enjoying her lovely sleep.  

Well to bad.  

Time to wake up the sleeping beauty.  

"One..Two..Three..HONK!!!"I pressed the horn and Sam jumped on us.  


We were trying to get away from her but she was too heavy.  

Basically we were on the floor.  

Our faces were scrunched up against the ground and Sam was sitting on both of us laughing.  

Fat ass.


The door flung open and there were the boys.  

"Kendall help."I said.  

The boys laughed at us.  

"Sam get off!"I said trying to get up but failing miserably.  

"NEVER!"She screamed in my ear.  


I looked at Jamie and we both shared a look then Jamie started counting.  

"One..Two..Three..GOO!!"She said and we both stood up on our knees and rolled Sam over and now we were on top of her.  

The boys were sitting on the other couches.  

We all laughed and stood up.  


"So what are we going to do today?"Jamie asked.  

"Well we were thinking to take you guys out's that?"Kendall said.  

The girls shared a look and nodded smiling.  

"Go get ready then."He instructed and we all ran upstairs and I threw on a simple outfit.  

We walked downstairs and then headed to the car.  


We went to some of my favourite stores and bought a lot of clothes.

We came from all of my favourite shops around London.

Then we came by the other shop that I love to go to Victoria's Secret.

(Jamie is the blonde one, then Destiny with the white jacket,and Sam)

We finished shopping and we were carrying a lot of bags.

We put everything at the back of the car and jumped in with the rest.

Kendall was driving and Carlos was in the passenger seat.

James the weirdo was sitting next to me holding a mirror.

He was trying to fix his hair.

I looked out the window and I knew exactly where we were going.

Kendall parked the car and we walked over to a theme park in London.

"Let's go on the roller coaster first."I said.

"But I want Cotton candy first."Carlos whined.

"Awww Carlos don't worry I'll buy lot's of cotton candies for you."I said.

"Serious?"He smiled.

"Nope."I said and he suddenly frowned.

I laughed and rolled my eyes.

"Fine..we'll go get Cotton candy first and then we can go on the Roller Coaster."I said and we all walked over to a man selling Cotton Candy.

"Hello..Welcome..How many would you like?"He asked with his thick British accent.

I grinned remembering Harry and the boys.

"Uh we'll have 7 pleas-"I got cut off.

"NO! Make that 8."Carlos smiled.

"Carlos there's only seve-"He cut me off again.

"An extra one for me silly."He laughed and I glared at him.

He is going to get it soon.

Then I just remembered that I still haven't got him yet.

I came up with the best plan ever.

The man handed us Cotton Candy each except Carlos he had two.

He started eating his first one and we walked off to the Roller Coaster.

We were in line but then something caught my eye.

I looked around and saw the boys.

Not our boys the boys as in One Direction.

I smiled and then I remembered that no one knows that I'm related to one of the boys.

Harry looked so cute.

Wait,What am I even saying.

I'm sure he has a girlfriend.

No he doesn't he's single.

No he's not you don't even know.

Yes I do know. And I also know that you like him.

Ugh Can't believe I'm actually talking to myself.

Harry turned around and he saw me.

I quickly turned around moving and pushing in front of the others.

"Dest what are you doing!?"Kendall asked.

"I saw One Direction and I think Harry saw me."I said running onto the other side.

"Come Back!"he called out but I just kept on going.

And then I bumped on to someone I looked up and I was face to face with...












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