Born To Be Somebody -Harry Styles Love Story- Completed

Destiny,Jamie and Sam are normal teenage girls.Or so you may think they are but Destiny and Sam have brothers who are really famous.But at school they are all treated the same which is fine by them. During her journey in London with her friends, they meet the famous British Boy Band. What will happen next?♥
Enjoy the story:)


104. Chapter 100

Jamie's P.O.V


I took a photo of Sam and Nick and it was pretty. I am so going to print these out and frame it or put it into a photo album.


"Just go now." I said pushing Harry. "I'm nervous." He said and I rolled my eyes. "C'mon Harry, you can do it." I said. "Fine." He said trying to make his way through. 


I looked over to Dest and she was talking to Kendall and Nick. "Oh, Niall can you take a photo of me and Sam?" I asked. "Sure." He said. I handed him the camera and he took a pic.


"Here you go." He said. "Thanks." I smiled.


"Hey, can I ask you something?" He asked. "I always get scared when someone asks me that question but sure, what is it?" I asked fiddling with the camera. "Would you like to be my princess?" He asked and now my attention was drawn to him.


"Did you just ask me out or was I just hearing things?" I asked and he laughed. "I'm asking you out." He said and my hand flew over my mouth. "Is that a yes or a no?" He said. 


"Yes! Yes!" I said and he laughed. "I never thought you'd ask me." I said and our lips collided. 


This is the best day of my life...


Destiny's P.O.V


"Hey Mike." I smiled. "Hey kiddo. You really put an effort into this huh." He said and I nodded. "Where's Mom?" I asked. "She went to get something." He said and I nodded. I turned around and I stood on someone's shoe.


"I am so clumsy. I am really sorry abou-Oh it's you." I said. I was about to walk back but he grabbed my hand. "Dest, please hear me out." Harry said.


"There is nothing to hear, Harry. What's past is past. Please, just forget about it." I said. "Then why won't you talk to me?" He asked. "Harry, right now is not the time. It's my best friend's birthday and I don't want to ruin it by getting into a big argument with you." I said calmly.


"You didn't see it did you." He said and I looked at him confused. "See what?" I asked. "Here." Jamie said handing me her phone. I looked at her for a sec and then the video started playing.


'Okay, so on this clip over here at your concert in Paris there we're three girls on stage and our flirt Harry over here was surprised. You could see his happy face right there' The man on the video said and a clip of us on stage was playing.


'Would you like to explain that?' The man asked. 'Uhm' was all Harry said. 'It was actually three girls that have been wanting to go to the concert but they had no tickets at all so I gave them free tickets.' Louis lied. Probably covering up for Harry and to my surprise Harry spoke.


'Uhm there's something I need to say' Harry said and my heart was racing at this very moment. 'Uhm my relationship with Taylor is fake' He said and my eyes widen. 'Management forced me to date her cause he thought it'll be good for my reputation and the dumb thing was that I wasn't suppose to let anyone know. Not my band mates, family...not even my girlfriend who is now my ex-girlfriend. She broke up with me cause she thought that I was cheating on her but I wasn't. I would never do that to her but I think it's a bit too late for that' Harry said and I was keeping in the tears that were about to fall.


'She was the best thing has ever happened to me and thanks to management I had lost the most beautiful, amazing, gorgeous girl of my dreams.' Harry said looking directly to the camera and I don't think I can hold the tears in for a bit longer.


'Destiny Schmidt if your watching this...I just want you to know that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I'm sorry for what I did and you know I didn't mean to do that and I don't care if you don't forgive me..I just realised that I need you more than I thought. I just want you to know that I love you. More than anything.' He said.


I handed the phone back to Jamie and ran off. I went and sat in the car now crying. I can't believe he still has feelings for me. I thought he'd moved on by now. Why do I have to be in situations like this?


I heard the car door opened and I looked up seeing Mom. She got into the car and rubbed my back soothingly. "Shh, sweetie, what happened?" Mom asked. "I just found out Harry still has feelings for me." I cried on my Mom's shoulder. 


"Isn't that a good thing baby?" Mom asked. "But, I don't get it. I haven't seen him since..forever and now he comes back saying he still loves me. He said it on his interview." I said. "Then that means he still love's you. He still cares for you. If it was someone else, they'll never come back..but Harry's different. I think you two are meant to be with each other." Mom said.


"What do I do?" I asked. "Just do what you think is right, baby. You can close your eyes to things you don't want to see..but you can't close your heart to things you don't want to feel. Whether you think getting back together with him is a good idea or not. It's not my decision it's yours." Mom said wiping my tears.


"Now c'mon honey. Let's go finish the party." Mom said and I nodded getting out of the car. Mom linked arms with me and we walked back seeing everyone dancing. Sam ran on stage.


"I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who came, my family, my friends, and thanks to everyone who helped out..Demi, Danny, Amber, Mike, Chris, JBro's and especially my two best friends Jamie and Destiny...and of course my lovely boyfriend Zayn Malik. Thank you so much to everybody. I really appreciate what you guys have done for me. Thank you and have a good night." Sam said and everyone clapped.



Harry's P.O.V


I made her cry. I knew this wasn't going to be a good idea. Shit! I'm so messed up! "Hey guys." Sam said hugging all of us. "Is everything okay?" She asked and I nodded. "Harry, I know your lying. Tell me." Sam said.


"I made Destiny cry." I said and she gasped. "What? Why?" She asked. "Jamie showed her the video of our interview and how I told everyone that my relationship with Taylor is fake and that I still loved her...she just gave the phone back and took off." I frowned.


"She'll be okay. She just needs time to think this through. Also there's something she hasn't told you yet." Sam and I looked up at her.


"What is it?" I asked. "Her brother is Kendall." She said. "Oh yeah. I know." I said and raised an eyebrow. "Y-you do? How?" She asked. "Their last name. They look alike. They hang out together. They're always spotted together." I said. 


"So your not mad?" She asked. "Why would I be mad? I mean I get it she was just protecting herself from the hate. I mean I know this because I'm gone through it." I said and she nodded.


"Your different." Sam said patting my head. "What do you mean?" I asked. "I don't know. Your just different.." She said and I didn't really get what she meant by that.



I'm different....














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