Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


28. Will you be mine?

We sat on the floor for what seemed like a lifetime, but found it was only an hour. He finally lifted me off the ground and helped me to the couch. We sat there for the night. We slept there too. When I woke up, he was gone. His arm wasn't rested around my shoulders. I looked up and looked frantically. He was in the kitchen cooking. Without a shirt. He looked so amazing. 

Justin: good morning beautiful! Is eggs and bacon good for breakfast?               

A smirk crawled across his face. About 15 minutes after he told me the mornings menu, he came with a large platter. It was adorable. 

I cried when I saw it. 






Justin arranged the bacon in the words 'will you be mine?' And the egg at the bottom formed a heart. I cried and nodded. He came and wrapped his arm around me. He kissed my cheek and assisted me while I ate cause I haven't regained all my strength. After we were done I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I had to go really bad. I went to the restroom and saw it was my fabulous time of the month. Amazing. I replaced my girl products and walked out. I had to tell Justin, he needed to know I might get really moody. When I got back to the couch I was so finished with having this brace on, it wasn't really needed cause I had bars in my leg already. I decided to take it off. It felt so good, but once I took it off and looked down there I saw an almost camouflage print on my knee, just purple and red. It was horribly bruised. It scared me so much. I fell asleep after I took off the brace. I sleep a lot.   

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