Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


3. Who?

So many people arrived at the house at once. I began to feel kinda claustrophobic. I saw all the swarms around the hookahs and decided to get my hookah pen and have one private session with myself. I also grabbed my Jack Daniels to take up also. I went up to Hailees room and walked out on her balcony. It was nice and a clear starry sky. I guess I Fell asleep soon after I became settled up their because Ashlei woke me up. 
"Hey.. Bridgette.. Wake up. Me, You, Hailee and Colin are going to have a hookah session. Yeah?" 
"Okay. I guess. Just come get me when it's a full bowl of new Shisha."
"Hailee just filled it. And it's your favorite!" 
I quickly jumped up and followed Ashlei downstairs to get a few hits. Once I or down there, Hailee was testing the hookah, Ashlei had another drink, and Colin had an empty bottle if 'skyy' vodka sitting on its side at his feet. 
His phone released a little 'bing' I decided to check it because he was drunk and I was going to tell him what it said. I was shocked to see it was the Justin Bieber. 


* sorry it's so short! Busy day for me! No hate please ;** * 

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