Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


5. Where?

He was gone for about an hour. He came back looking somewhat presentable. He had is keys in his hand and a bulls SnapBack covering his eyes. 

"Bridgette. We're leaving."

As we left, I waved to Hailee. We walked across the street to his car. He unlocked it and he got in quickly. You could tell he was pretty annoyed still. Once we got in the car, we sat there for about 5 minutes. He looked at his phone a few times as his elbows rested on the wheel. Colin eventually spoke to me. 

"We got to go home and were going to pack our stuff because we're spending the rest of spring break in North Dakota."

"okay " I replied. I was so confused. Why would we go North Dakota for a week?! That's just amazing. I'm not going to have any friends at all. It's going to be horrible. I guess when I get home and finish packing for the week we will be gone, ill just run over to the smoke shop and get some hookah pens just so I won't stop what I've been doing ever since I was eleven. I don't know why we're going to North Dakota. I am pretty upset about this. Maybe he know that I read the text. I think I'm going to tell him just so this trip won't be horrible. 

"Colin?" I said while were driving. 

"Yeah Bridge?"

"I did read the text last night and I'm a hundred percent sorry. I don't know why I did I mean.." He interrupted. 

"I guess I should tell you why were going to North Dakota for the week?"

"That would be ideal" I told him. 

We stopped at a yellow light. He turned to me. 

"My friend, Justin wants to meet you. He thinks you're just so gorgeous and he wants to try to make you a better person with no smoking and drug and stuff. Is that okay?"

I worried really bad. I didn't want to be change. Why would I change. All those thoughts crossed my mind at once. 

"Okay." I replied confused by the situation. 

We got home about a minute later. We got out of the car as Colin came Around and wrapped his arms around he and gave me a hug after the fight we just got in. 



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