Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


19. Walking.

I began crying even harder then before. That's all I can remember because I fell asleep quickly after. I woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare. What happened was, Justin and I were together while I was asleep and he left because he wanted Selena and he knew I couldn't do anything because if my disability of not being able to walk. I released his hand. He jumped and sat up. He knew I had a nightmare. We fell asleep after Justin gave me a red plain button-up shirt. I woke up at about 10 am the next morning. He was on the phone gazing out the window. 

"Yeah, sorry it's just family first ya know? Alright sorry again. Alright bye." He said into his black iPhone 5. 

"What was that about?" I asked. Ends up he cancelled the next part of his believe tour. I was supposed by what he did. He told me that he canceled because he needed to stay with me and make sure I was okay.  Today was my 3rd day at this weary hospital. But I was happy because that would mean I had to spend 4 more days here until I can go home. I was supposed to go home today on an airplane, but I can't walk so I guess that's not going on. Colin left last night. They had an emergency about his upcoming movie. I don't know what it was. My mom texted me. She said her boss is leaving so she has to step in so she couldn't come. Just me and Justin. He sat back down and glared at me. My nurse entered the room in a joyful mood. 

"Hey Bridgette!" She said in a happy, bubbly mood. "I have good news! We had just found that you can start to relearn how to walk today!" She said with a glamorous mood. I looked at Justin and he looked at me. Tears filled his eyes. 

"What's wrong!" I beg to know. 

"In just happy to see someone I care about so much will be okay!" He replied to me. Nurse Erika soon kindly interrupted. 

"Bridgette, would you like to start?" She said as she grinned ear to ear. I nodded my head quicker then the wind would blow. She exited the room and quickly came back into the room. This time she had a contraption. It seemed to have a spot to support me that my legs could squeeze through, and 2 long narrow poles on each side. She approached me with it. I sat in the contraption. I was able to stand in my seat kind of thing. I held onto the poles to insure my safety. She told me to lift my legs so she can wheel me to an area just for people regaining skills. It was just me, Justin and my nurse. I moved my leg that had a heavy knee brace from the knee cap being shattered, I moved it forward in the white socks my hospital provided me. I moved my left leg next, which contained a small, similar brace just around my ankle. I moved quicker and quicker. I was soon walking with the support of the seat that held me up but now with our the poles. Nurse Erika asked me a question. "Would you like to move onto that?" She stuck her pointer finger over to a harness. I nodded as the tears of joy filled my eyes and flowed down Justin's. 

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