Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


17. The storm.

After the knock, the nurse was back. She swung the door open, and Justin walks in. He had an ice pack held up to his cheek. He sat down on the recliner that my backpack was sitting on. He moved it slowly. He placed the bag next to the recliner. When he entered I was laying on my back, once he took his seat, I tried to turn to my side to stare in his ever so beautiful eyes. I guess he saw my pained expression on my face and jumped up to help me rotate back onto my back. I looked through a window which stood next to the television. If was a dark and cloudy game. 

"Justin, can you check my phone to see the weather" I asked. He looked up and grabbed my bag. He went to the front of the bag and pulled out my white iPhone 5. 

"It's supposed to rain soon" he told me. I felt a small joy. I always loved rain. Just not any storm. I don't ever deal well. About 45 minutes after he told me the days whether sprinkles of rain fell against the window. I turned on my tv. As I flipped through the Channels, I see my favorite movie. The lucky one. I found it a very cute movie. Towards the end, Justin reached over to my hand that wasn't injured. He intertwined our fingers. I looked over and smiled at him. Soon after the lucky one ended another Nicholas sparks film came on. This time, it was safe haven. I've never seen it but I was interested in watching it. I was deep into the movie. Towards the middle I glanced at Justin. He was fast asleep, the Ice pack in the same position. I looked over at the long, Individual window. Huge drops of rain pounced off the glass. I watched safe haven until the middle. I fell quickly asleep. As I slept, Justin and I both had intertwined fingers. I fell asleep for what seemed like a while. I woke up to a massive thunder and lighting storm. The lightning flashed as if it was a camera taking a picture with an eye burning flash. Soon followed a massive bang. If anybody was asleep in the hospital, they sure are awake now. The storm moved closer and closer to my window. As the flash of light blinked, my stomach made Somersaults. Justin soon realized I was awake. He squeezed my hand to insure I would always be safe with him. The nurse entered. Her name is Erika. She told me everything about when Justin and I entered the hospital. Ends up ill be here a week. Just amazing. 


*sorry it's so short! It's been a hard week for my bestfriend and stuff so yeah /; sorry.*

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