Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


18. The news

I looked at Justin after my devistating news. I only planned to be here a week! Now I am going to be missing a few days of school . How amazing. I looked at Justin. 

"Can you pull out my phone please" I asked him. He did so and hande it to me. The time read 4:23 pm. Since I was going to be in the hospital atleast a week, I called my mom. 

"Mommy?" I said in a smooth tone. She knew I was worried about something. 

"What happened Bridge?!?" She begged to know. 

"I just wanted to tell you something about the trip" I tried to sound positive as a tear ran down my cheek. Justin whisked it away. 

"What's up buttercup?" She asked me in a more secure tone. 

"I got in a bad car accident and I am in ICU at a hospital right now in Bismarck" I said as another tear followed the path of the previous one. 

"WHAT?!" She screamed "My Baby! I'm getting on the computer right now and getting a flight soon!" She said in a shaking voice. 

"Alright... I love you momma" I said 

"I love you too baby. Ill be there as soon as possible. I promise."

"I'll see you then. Bye" I pulled the phone away from my ear as Justin wiped away my tears. Nurse Erika quickly entered after. I asked her when the next time I could walk would be... 

"Well Bridgette...." She said in a depressed sorrow tone "We don't know if you can regain that ability." She said. She looked worried. "I am sorry Bridgette..." She said in an apologetic meaningful tone. She exited the room afterwards. I felt my eyes fill and my vision blur as she left the room. Soon, my eyes just couldn't keep in the water. Tears rolled down my face faster then a cheetah could run. I looked over at Justin. His eyes were doing the same. We sat there in disbelief. 

"Justin, what do you thin-ink about this?" I asked as I stuttered. 

"I feel horrible. You were just my passenger and I was driving and I should have watched out and now I determined your future for you and you might not be able to walk because its all my fault and I hate myself for it" he said as a river flowed down his cheeks.  

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