Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


9. Thanks for remembering.

We walked up the counter and spoke to the lady who was standing in a very crisp navy blue suit. She gave us 2 keys and told us our room. 

"Your room for your stay will be room 128. It is upstairs. You can take a left here, and go up to the second floor, turn right then it should be at the end. Enjoy your stay." 

"Thank you" Colin and I replied. I got to the room and found it was a two bedroom suite. I obviously too the bigger room with the bigger bathroom. I retrieved my phone to find it was still off. I held the top button as an appleappeared upon my screen. I threw it down on the bed and began to hang up all my clothes. I normally wouldn't bother but since its a week, I thought, why not? 

As I hung up my clothes, my phone turned on and started to vibrate like crazy! I had at least 100 text messages. I almost forgot. Today is my 16th birthday! I sat on my bed and began to reply one by one. 'Thank you' 'thank you!' And on and on.

Soon Colin came smashing through my door with a large caramel macchiato in his hand and a candle sticking up theighs the straw area. 

"Happy, Happy birthday! May all your dreams come trueeeee!" He attempted to sing. I looked up at him and began to die laughing. It was so funny! I blew out the candle and recieved my drink. 

"I thought you forgot!"I hollered at him. 

"Almost!" He winked at me. 

"Thanks for remembering." 

We spent the rest of the day at the hotel just chilling. We ordered some pizza and talked about plans for our North Dakota trip that started today. 

"Well, tomorrow, you're going to meet a little friend of mine. He's 18 so only 2 years older then you. But just barely." He told me 

I was being a little skeptical at first. I tend to do that a lot. I'm a really catious person just because I've had tons of dozens of people walk out of my life in a blink of an eye.

After we finished eating, we both headed to our bedrooms and relaxed. 

Colin probably playing fun run on his phone or reading over a script. He's a very determined person. That's something I really love about him. 

 I was in my room already in my pjs. Those consisted of my leopard print sweatpants and a white oversized sweater I got offline a few months ago. I decided to turn on my TV and flip to my favorite channel. E! Entertainment. I watched about 3 episodes of 'Kourtney and Kim take Miami' The last thing I remember was l

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