Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


12. Runaway.

I watched Justin turn his head and look at Colin. As I looked, I saw a barely visible scar on his cheek. The silence broke as I was leaving the room. I looked over at my phone while the screen remained lighted. Ashlei replied to my text. She said this one girl wanted to fight me. I was so mad at that point. I wanted to take a walk somewhere. I grabbed my leopard print sequined wristlet, slid my phone into the slot. I grabbed my sunglasses and walked quickly to the door. I yanked it away and let it slam shut. As I turned a corner I heard a door faintly open and close. 

"Bridgette! What happened??" Justin and Colin shouted at me. I ignored and kept walking. 

"Bridge!" Colin screamed as my elevator doors closed and began to move. I walked out past the check-in counter and out of the cozy hotel. As I reached outside I ran around to the side of the hotel so the guys won't find me all that fast. From there my breath became clear and warm to cold and steamy. Quickly after I left and reached a busy street, snow began to cover everything. I was fine with it. It became colder then I thought, so I stopped in a little boutique really quick. I decided to get a heavy, grey, oversized cardigan. I payed for it and ripped the tags off before I left the boutique. I began to walk again. I heard 2 people frantically running and stumbling behind me. I realized out of the corner of my eyes it was Colin and Justin. Crap. I quickly stumbled into a smoke shop. I had about $40 so I decided to get 2 hookah pens while I was in there. After I purchased them, I made my way to a small community park. Nobody was there so it was a perfect opportunity to smoke. 

I made my way to a covered area and. Sat down and began to smoke. I didn't really care. 

I finished the disposable pen and threw it into a trash can sitting by the table I was resting on top of. I looked down at my phone again to find many texts from Colin. I ignored them. I was kinda mad. I think It was mainly because he's trying to hook me and Justin up. I don't mind, Justin is beyond attractive, it's just that I don't think he knows I smoke, Drink, And party. I decided to make my way back to the hotel. I was gone for about 6 or maybe even 7 hours. So it was about 3:45 when I began to make my way back to the hotel. It took me a few hours cause of corse I did some major shopping while I was near that boutique. I looked in my wristlet to find I still had a hookah pen. Colin can not see this. I left it in my wristlet and decided as soon as I get back it's going in a bag where my emergency pads and tampons are. He wouldn't go in there. 

It was 5:00 pm by the time I reached the hotel. I made my way to the room about ready to see a world war 3 zone, but as I slipped my card out of the door it was empty. I looked around and I saw nobody. 

*sprry alot of my chapters tend to be short. I can only update from my iPhone. I'm sorry! I hope you enjoy! xo *

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