Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


16. Out.

Another needle was inserted into left arm. I soon blacked out and fell asleep. It was obvious it was amnesia. I fell quickly asleep about 15 minutes after I was poked. It was light because I could vaguely feel what they were doing. 

I woke up in a beige room. There was a white leather recliner and black mirrored end tables. It was pretty. I looked forward to see a beautiful 40' TV. It wasn't on so I saw the reflection of a broken 16 year old girl. I looked down to my body. My knee was locked into a big brace. My finger was wrapped and a silver strip domed over the top and down the sides. I was confused. I can't remember anything. Besides that I've been in a major accident. It was currently 3 in the afternoon. A nurse came in and saw I was awake. She was young and gorgeous. She had a narrow, but healthy looking face. I looked at her and gave her a smile. It's kinda like my hello to strangers. 

"Hey, you're Bridgette? Correct?" The young woman asked me. 

"Always" I answered

"well, you were in a car accident early this morning. We brought you in and you dislocated a majority of the bone in your finger and shattered your knee cap. Your elbow might be in pain, because you isolated your elbow from your forearm and upper arm. It's just kind of floating in your arm. It's very serious." She informed me 

"oh. Okay... Do you know what happened to the other guy in the front seat that was with me?" I concerned. 

"He is in the lobby getting a check up. He has minimal bruises and a cut across his left cheek, his cheek is receiving care. It had been cut before and had left a scar. We need to make sure the tissue is okay." She replied to me. 

"Can you bring him in when he is finished?" I begged

"Of course! Go ahead and make yourself at home. The phone, you can dial me by holding down 5, TV you probably know. Our staff wishes you a speedy recovery!" She smiled as she left the room. 

I turned on my tv and saw a rerun of 'The show with Vinny and a rerun of girl code' my 2 new favorites. I laughed hard while I watched. I looked back at the white recliner to try to find a brand. My backpack was sitting on it! My stuff was in there! I pulled it over and set it on my lap. It hurt cause my hip bones were bruised along with my thighs. I unzipped my bag as I found a note relaxing at the top. It said Bridgette. I opened to find that Colin came while I was asleep. He left to get Starbucks. He was my closest bestfriend. I re-folded the note as something knocked on my hospital door. 3 times. Silence filled the room for a minute. 3 more times. That made 3 too many in my book. 

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