Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


11. Living room ruckus.

Colin ran out of his room as if a physcopath was trying to murder him. He went directly to the door. 

"HEY BROOOOS!" Colin shouted with joy. 

"COLIN!!" The person replied. 

I decided to wonder back into my room. Colin and Hos friend made a ear murduring ruckus in the living room. I got inside my room to grab my phone. I read a text from Ashlei.. 

"BRIDGE! Omg omg!" I ran as the words ran across my screen. I Felt a drop inside of my stomach. I became nervous to her the news. 

I wondered back into the living room where Colin and his friend were. I reached the big white archway, as I find that that friend that was supposed to think I'm perfect, was the only Justin Bieber. 

I looked up and moved my hair away from my face, like my momma always loved it. She thought it framed my face really well. 

"Hi, my names Bridgette." I told Justin. 

"Wooow. Hi gorgeous. I mean I'm Justin!" He snapped himself back into check. 

"Nice to meet you." I said as I looked up at his beautiful, eyes just glimmering in the light. 

There was a silence that surfaced the room for a little while. Colin finally decided to break it. 

"Justin! What will we be doing to day in the weather that could burn flesh" he said sarcastically and dramatically. 

"We're going to just go crazy. I didn't really plan anything because the word would somehow get out about Justin biebers arrival at the place." He explained. "Bridgette! What do you want to do." I looked up and pulled my head out of the fridge as I pulled out a Starbucks frappachino. 

"Well Id do my regular. Go shopping" I told him as he gave me a confused look. He plopped down on the couch and he gave me a mixed expression on his face. The silence has returned.

*i hope you enjoyed! xo *

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