Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


2. Kickoff Party.

Today was the Friday that kicked off spring break. Like every Friday night I'm going to a party. Colin is coming with me. I arrived home from my first week back after I got in a fight once again, I saw Colin and gave him a hug like I normally would do when I get home. I went into my room to get ready for a party at my bestfriends house. Her name was Hailee. I felt my phone ring in the back of my jeans. I look down at the white iPhone. The screen said,

"New text from 'Hailee ;** xo' Hey bridge! Come over early to help me get ready for this party! Bring Colin!" 

" otaay! Ill see you their. Ill be there at around 3!" I replied. 

I threw my phone on the bed and dived into my closet to see what I should wear. I decided a beige colored flowy tank top with sequins running down the front of my chest. I pulled my black leather jacket and white skinny jeans and chucked my black sparkly toms back to my door. I got dressed and as I walked out Colin obviously just finished doing the same. He gave me a smirk as his eyes roamed up and down my body. 

"Bridgette. You ready?" 

"Yeah! Just a sec."

I ran back into my room and retrieved a beige purse. I searched through my lingerie drawers to get a 'Mocha Latte' hookah pen from imperial just incase. I ran out of my room and downstairs. 

"Mom! I'm going to Hailees house!"

"Tell that doll I said Hi!"

my mom loves Hailee. Soon after Colin and I were in his Toyota Camry ready to make the 3 minute drive to her house. 


We arrived at Hailee's house to find that we were the first ones there. As we walked in, Hailee was carrying a big box full of supplies for hookahs. I turned into her living room to sit down and I saw 5 hookahs all set up. I was unbelievable excited. I soon made my way over to her fridge which was full of vodka, rum, and beer. I saw my favorite drink ever sitting in the front, cool and untouched. It was the original Jack Daniels Whiskey. I haven't had it in a while. People started filing in the spacious house soon after that.  



* I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! It's my first real movella so No Hate Please! *

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