Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


26. I'm gone.

We packed up and sat in our room for a short period of time. We both st on the bed beside eachother. About 15 minutes before nurse Jessica came to help us be dismissed, justin got a call. It was from scooter. I got up and excused himself from the room but still left the door open so I could hear. 

Scooter: Justin! Where the heck have you been dude?!? 

Justin: I've been in love. I don't know if we can extend this tour anymore. I've already gone to all the places. Now before releasing more dates.. I don't think we should. I have a job here I have to do. I need to take care of this girl dude. 

Scooter: alright Justin. Whatever you think is good and best for your career. 

Justin: alright. Thanks bro. Love you. 

Scooter: love you too hoolagin. Keep in touch with me or your mother. Okay? 

Justin: Alright. Bye 

He entered the room. Before the door could close, nurse Jessica hurried to grab it. 

Nurse Jessica: Are you guys ready to begin your dismissal process?

Bridgette: ready as ill ever be. I just want to be at home! We were already on vacation before I came here, so it's been a while since I've seen that place 

Nurse Jessica: where you really? Where'd you two go? We knew you came in from the airport, because usually when we have someone come in from the airport it's pretty rare cause usually the airports medical staff could get you all healed up. 

Bridgette: oh that's neat! And we were in North Dakota! Nice little get away! 

We left the room. I was still on crutches so I couldn't really hold anything, so Justin was a sweetie and carried my bags for me. We arrived at the counter and justin sat my stuff down and began to fill out my paper work. The hospital said I was released to him, so he was in a way my guardian. We left as nurse Jessica waved goodbye. Once the sliding glass door shut behind us, I mumbled under my breath. 

Bridgette: I'm gone. 

Justin chuckled and replied 

Justin: you won't be back here for a while. 

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