Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


15. Hospital

I felt a liquid, slow substance leaking down my forehead. It came from the center if my scalp. I laid on the car motionless. I almost blacked out, but I managed to stay awake barely. I remember the screams surrounding me. The sirens buzzing in my ears. 2 paramedics approached me quickly. They had to try to decide how to get me out of the car, because my torso laid out as my waistband laid in shattered glass from me exploding through it. They decided that one would get in and lift y legs and pull me out of the front. I was lifted onto a long, soft platform. I was rolled away as the small, sensitive wheels moved to the rough texture of the pavement. I was forced into the back of a paramedic truck. We drive away at a high speed. I felt needles insert my arms. It hurt severely. I've been sensitive to needles all my life. I leaned over and threw up. I was worried. Not about me but Justin. He jumped in the back of the paramedic truck with me. He tried to clutch my hand with his wet fingertips, but the nurse who accompanied me forced his hand away. I could vaguely see anything. The next thing I know, was that I was rushed of the back of the car and pushed through doors. 

"DOCTOR! WE HAVE AN URGENT CARE NOW! POSSIBLE FATAL ACCIDENT!" He screamed to the chaotic white rooms. 

A nurse soon came and pushed me threw multiple sliver cold doors. I was eventually put in a room with a doctor, nurse, and a medical squad. I felt a pair of sharpe pliers enter my waist where I felt a huge pain that caused me not able to move my hips. It really hurt. I felt a soft clip attach to my finger as they plucked. I felt another 'cast' type holder clutch my finger and be tightened. I tried wiggling the finger that was impossible to move and that throbbed. I heard someone shout  

"She has a paralyzed finger!" A female voice surfaced. They checked all my other joints. Next 2 metal bars became sandwiched in the inside and outside of my leg. A point laid directly in the middle next to me. Straps came across my leg as they held the bars together. It had a deadly pain. I tried adjusting, but it locked and wouldn't allow me to. I was in an excruciating pain all over. A light fluffy wrap covered the wound that came out of my head. They wrapped it down and under my chin, I replied the accident multiple times. I felt like I was going to cry. I want Justin. 

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