Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


10. Here we goo.

i woke up earlier then I expected to.  I rolled to the right side of my queen sized matters my room had and looked at the clock. It read 5:45 in big green numbers. 'Woah! Did I get up this early?' I pinched the side of my elbow to see if I was just dreaming or something and I wasn't.

To pass time I decided to flip thru a few channels on the big 50" TV that stood about 4 feet away from the foot of my bed. I found a channel. It was the typical me. 'E! Entertainment' was what it was called. It was currently on 'E! News' thankfully because I missed almost all the events yesterday due to my traveling. Next thing i know Colin's sleepy butt came stumbling through my door. 

"Bridgette. Get ready. We leave in 2 hours."

"Okay!" I replied. I looke back at my clock that now read 7:00 so we would leave around 9. That's early but somewhat possible. 

I went over to my closet and grabbed a simple outfit for the day. I decided on a tribal print pair of leggings, just black and white, then a grey hollister 3/4 length sleeve shirt. I pulled out my black uggs that had 2 neat bows in the back. I hopped in the shower really quickly just to wash off not get my hair wet cause then I'd have to redo it. But after I put on my outfit I realized it was pretty gloomy outside so I felt the need of a pop of color. I grabbed a 'Neff' beanie that was a beautiful mint green color and secured it on my head. 

I relaxed for 5 minutes after that because I started feeling nauseous while I was getting my beanie. Once I reached about 10 minutes of relaxation I got up and finished my makeup. I did the usual concealer, Foundation, Concealer, powder, Bronzer and then my eyes. My eyes were a gorgeous light green color. If you looked from a distance, you might not even notice. I put on a nice neutral eye and moved on to my lipstick. I love nude colors. I went with a light pink one. I felt really pretty. 

I walked out of my room to go have a quick bite of something to eat. I approached the small kitchen. I looked near the microwave for a little cereal travel like cup. The microwave read 8:30. We were leaving in about 30 minutes. I really don't want to go meet this 'Justin' kid. He seems self-centered and vain. But that's again a typical thought about meeting new people just because of my awareness you could say. 

After I finished my cereal I heard a ring at the suites door. Oh great. I really want to jump out of a window and run.  I'm not going to like this. Like not at all. 


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