Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


6. Flight 430

Me and Colin walked up to the front door of my house. He slid my leopard print key into the key hole and turned it to the left to open the door. As we walked in, I saw my mom sitting on the couch. She was on the phone trying to get all the hair out if her face because she seemed pretty stressed. It's pretty typical. Colin and I walked into my room and talked a little bit about our flight. He told me its going to leave at 9:00 at night, tonight. After we talked and he showed me my ticket, he left. I dug into my closet to find my 3 piece luggage set from Victoria's Secret 'Pink' line. I opened the biggest one first. I put a majority of my closet in the bag. Better more then less.. Right? I decided to get into a more comfy kind if outfit so, I threw on a purple hoodie and on the back it has sequins in the center. They were silver and black so it arranged a Leopard print it read '86' on it. I threw on the matching yoga leggings too. I took my sparkly black uggs out of my closet. I guess you could say I'm a 'typical white girl'. I usually only wear Victoria's Secret and hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch. A few minutes later Colin hollered. 

"Bridge we got to go!" I zipped up my bag and grabbed my acid washed jansport backpack. I threw my MacBook Air in there too. I grabbed my makeup bag too. 

Colin, my mom and I reached the car. My mom sat upfront and drove us to the airport. We ended going to 'Hollywood international Airport. Me and Colin got out and gave my mom a wave goodbye. I'm going to really miss her. I've never been without her for this long. 


Colin checked in our baggage as I went into a shop and got a few magazines. I grabbed one that Colin would like. We went through the dreadful security check. It was a drag. Soon after security, we came across the Starbucks. I am obsessed. I ran over and got my wallet out of my bag. 

"Hi, welcome to Starbucks, what would you like to order today?"

" I'd like a large double chocolatey chip, and a large iced caramel macchiato please" 

"Coming right up. What is your name?" 


we waited about 3 minutes for our drinks to be made. I took Colin's caramel macchiato over to him. He looked up and grinned 

"Thanks Bridge!" He said as the announced came over our heads. 

"Flight 430 boarding to Bismarck, North Dakota." 

Colin looked over at me and he seemed to be pretty excited. We looked over at eachother as we got up to board our flight to the exciting North Dakota. 

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