Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


21. Fall.

I was asleep for what felt like centurys. I was awoken as the sky was still dim about to be awoken by the sun. I woke up because the plane became bumpy. As if we were landing on millions of monterous boulders. I woke up and managed to pull my eyelids apart. I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed my black ray-ban seeing glasses. I glanced over to where Justin slept. He slept so gracefully his right arm was holding my waist. I layed in bed for a little longer, trying to figure out what to do. I didn't have many options. I tried to get up and approach the bathroom with my crippled self barely able to stand. I made it to where my cruches sat, and placed them under my arms. I felt a heavy pain. I think it might have just been being off of pain medications the hospital gave me because I was so severely injured, they always made a small difference, as minimal as possible almost. I made it to the bathroom an slid off my banded sweatpants. I also let my underwear fall on top of them. I sat on the toilet and did my business. I got up flushed and washed my hands. Soon after, I pulled up my underwear. I examined my severe body. It was bad. I made my way back to the bed as I fell directly onto my shattered knee. It hurt horribly. I let out a huge scream as tears flowed ever so instantly down my face. Justin popped up out of bed as the last sound escaped my mouth. 

Justin: oh my god! How did you fall?! Don't move! I'm getting help! Ill get you water and ice! Don't do anything!

Bridgette: okay. Hurry please. Ow ow ow ow. 

I felt a stumble of the plane hitting the runway. I'm finally back in Florida. The bad thing about the landing was the plane jumping and my knee rising and falling. Extra pain I didn't need. Justin so rushed back in after the jump. 

Justin: we're at the Miami international right now. I called the medical assistance. They said they will be waiting for us when we get into a I closed area for jets like mine. 

He sat down and reached for my hand lying on my knee brace. He cluched it tight to insure that I was safe with him. 

Justin: Im here. Don't worry. I'm not leaving your side. I promised. 

My head bobbed up and down as I nodded. To much pain filled my body to speak. The only think I could do is cry and blink. I tried lifting my head up to see what it looked like down at my knee. It was bigger then nine and Justin's fist. I murmured under my deep, frieghtend breaths. 

Bridgette: at least I'm home. 

Justins head shot down as his eyes beamed into mine. He watched my carefully to make sure I was still concious. He looked at my knee and his eyes filled with pain. I adjusted to see a dark red stain seeping through my pink sweatpants. 

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