Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


20. Discharged.

I walked over to the black harness. Justin helped lift me up onto the harness that was similar to the previous contraption. Nurse Erika buckled me in. I put my feet to the black mat rolled out for about 5 yards, and walked. The harness had a lesser structure and more independent kind of duty. I walked back and fourth on the mat for about 30 minutes. I stopped and told my nurse I was Tired  and couldn't walk anymore. This time walking back to my hospital room, I walked with Justin's assistance. I felt like I accomplished something really important today. It was also an emotional day. When we got back to the room Justin helped settle me back into bed. After he took a seat, nurse Erika came in and told me amazing news. 

Nurse Erika: Bridgette, we have an amazing news story to tell you! You're being discharged tomorrow! 

Bridgette: Really?! I'm going back to Florida!

Justin: WE'RE going back to Florida. 

My cheeks flushed. I was extremely excited to go home! My bed, my room, my tv, and especially with my Justin. My process to relearn how to walk was so long it was already night. I was excited because that means that I am leaving tomorrow. Justin booked a flight on a jet or something he uses to travel, so it's private. 

Morning came quickly. I woke up and bags were packed near the door. 

Justin: it's almost time to leave 

i was so excited! The hospital also provided me with cruches cause I needed them! It was about 10 am when Justin and I deported from the lovely caring hospital. We made our way directly to the airport. We got to a jet. It was simple. Before I got in the plane as I was climbing up the steps I stopped and gave the plane a nice pat on its exterior. I always feel safe knowing that I did that. After I emerged through the door of the jet, I saw light brown leather recliners, a light brown leather sectional too! It was gorgeous! I looked towards the back and found what looked like a small cabin where Justin or whoever slept. Justin followed me inside and gently sat my stuff down behind the leather sectional. He entered through the cabins door and I saw a huge, luxurious California king size bed in the center with blue sheets. I climbed ontop of it as Justin did the same. I was still pretty tired from the previous day, because I had no sleep because of how excited I was. I decided that now was my chance to catch up on in. I crawled over to the left side of the bed and curled up. Soon Justin came and formed himself to my body behind me. His arms slithered around my waist as I drifted to sleep continuously thought about it. 

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