Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


14. Collided.

We pulled up to a yellow light. Justin pushed down the brake pedal to bring the car to an easy smooth stop. I never liked driving. It always scared me. Just the thought that even if you did the right thing the person next to you might hurt you. I don't know if it makes sense but its just always been in my mind. Justin looked over at me. I was still crying. Just a lot worse then before. At this point a river was flowing down my face. Justin wiped them away. A lot of times when I cry, I think of every single thing that has gone wrong. It really gets a lot for me to cry. Justin pulled me over next to him so we were even closer. My head was still buried between my legs as he scratched my back. He felt so comforting. The light quickly turned green. Justin pressed on the gas. 

We drove for about 15 more minutes until we reached a quiet residential area. It had a little lake. Justin parked his car. I didn't notice until he closed his door. It made me cry even harder, just because its the exact same way my old friend, Even left me. We were driving and we were arguing. Just about something stupid. I can't even remember. But, he slapped me and slammed his door and I was found by an old woman the next morning. Quickly after I had that traumatizing flashback, Justin came around and opened my door. He lifted me out. He had one arm under my knees and one in the middle of my back, he carried me bridal style. I didn't know where we were because my head was in his chest. He sat down and I pulled my head away. We were on a dock overlooking the small lake. Justin set me in his lap and began to tell me everything was okay. 

"Bridge can I tell you something?" He asked me. I nodded my head that remained in his chest. 

"I don't care no matter what, but if you had no friends, you'll always have me." He said with a complete determination. Something made me believe him. I cried a little more just knowing that someone who I just met, had this kind of relationship with me. 

We stayed there for about an hour just rocking back and fourth on the edge of the dock. 

"You ready to head back?" He asked me as I nodded to his question. I felt a strength that I've never had before and made my way over to the car. It was weird to walk after being curled up for so long. We drove home. I felt like everything was okay, because I was with Justin. That was until we came to a stop at another red light. The road was empty. But then suddenly, a semi-truck carrying large, metal and steel material came crashing into Justin's black range rover. The truck had such an impact on Justin's car, we were launched out into the traffic passing. The range rover was spinning and moving rapidly. The semi-truck spun perfectly so that all of the cargo he carried came bursting through my window. I felt the shards of glass pounce off of my illuminating skin. My head yanked to the side. The last impact from the semi came from the back, causing me to explode from the car, shattering through the large glass window Justin and I shared, as my torso, and above laid on the now rough, black range rover. 

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