Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


29. California.

I woke up with my head nestled in Justin's lap. He was on his phone on twitter. My eyes fluttered open and met his. 

Justin: Hey my sleeping beauty 

I started to blush. He kissed my forehead after he realized I was blushing. 

Bridgette: Justin, can I ask you something?

Justin: sure, what's up babe?

Bridgette: Where do we go from here. Like what's our plan. This house is too big for just me and you to be living in it. 

Justin: you're right. Where is your dream house?

Bridgette: Well, Californina seems nice, I've heard they've never had hurricanes, not huge earthquakes. I don't know I've never been there. 

Justin: will you like to change that?

I nodded quickly. California. I've never been there but from the tumblr pictures it seemed beautiful. As soon as I know it Friday approaches. That was the day Justin and I were leaving to fly across the country to California. He said we had awesome plans for us. We might go to the happiest place on earth! Aka Disneyland. I was estatic as the escalade that would escort us from my house to the airport. Before we left to California, we had most the stuff packed up at the house I've been in. Too many bad memories, so I had to leave it and let someone else make them better. 

As I made my way to the airport I had endless thoughts. How will I be able to talk to Hailee and Ashlei? I don't know what I'm going to tell them. Meanwhile, Colin has found himself a girlfriend.  Her name is Kylee. I've seen pictures on Instagram. She's beautiful. She isn't famous on her own, she's really well known in the Allstar/competitive cheer leading world. She's the point flyer on Topgun large coed. Her hair cascades down her back. She had a blonde layer on top and a red layer that always layed against her sunkissed skin. She's so perfect for Colin, they've moved in together in a penthouse apartment on the beach. 

Justin and I made it to the airport either really late at night or really early in the morning. Everytime I tried to check my phone I was blinded by the glare. It was good leaving at this time. It was also easy cause no paparazzi to tread through. I'm worried for that point. We made it to our private aircraft and took off. After we were gently lifted in the air, I fell asleep, the same way I woke up, my head on Justin's lap. He would always secure me and make sure I knew as a fact I was safe. 

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