Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


1. Bridgette.

My name is Bridgette. I'm not famous or anything special. I am 15 years young. I am not your typical 15 year old. My mom calls me trouble instead of my name. It's just me and my mom at our house. My dad left when I was 6. I was always an only child. We live in a pretty good side of town in a house that keeps us cozy. I live in a small area outside of Miami, it's called Palmetto Bay. In Florida obviously. But I don't go to school and get all A's. I go to a regular high school. I am known to fight. I've won every single fight I've been in. I smoke. I smoke weed, hookah and tobacco. I get high. Don't drink and drive I get high and Fly. I am practically best friends with Colin Ford. aka. Dylan from we brought a zoo. We've been friends since we were babies. He was the first person who developed with me. We started smoking and drinking and partying together and we do it all the time. Colin is staying with me and my mom while he is down here for a new film that starts in a year. But party's are my thing where I get high and drunk and wild. 

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