Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


7. Boarding.

Once Colin and I boarded our flight, we settled in a seat. I sat next to the window as Colin sat down next to me. I set my bag on the floor by my feet and looke over at Colin. He seemed to be pretty excited about this trip but me? I couldn't care less, but I looked back and grinned. 

"Are you excited?" Colin asked me 

"Trying to be." I put a fake smile on my face as I said so. 

"Haha. Very cute." He replied to me sarcastically. 

"Trying" I joked with him. 

After our conversation, A woman seems to be about 35 comes over the intercom. 

"We are getting ready for take off. Please make sure you're belts are locked in and tightened correctly and your tray is up. Thank you for flying Southwest Airlines." 

Quickly after, a woman came scanning left then right, left then right to make sure everyone listened and everyone did what was required to in order for a takeoff. 

"Please turn off all devices."

she said so so I grabbed my iPhone 5 and held the top button for about 5 seconds and slide the bar at the top to turn it off. Colin did the same. Colin leaned over right as the plane began moving. 

"Hey, you want a piece?" He asked and held out a pack of trident layers. I grabbed 2 pieces and afterwards threw the trash underneath the seat in front of me. 

I felt the plane take its wheels off the ground, and shake as it hit air. I always hated the part where it shook. My stomach was in knots now. 

About 20 minutes in the air, a lady with an exact same voice as the one before came back in intercom. 

"You may now turn on any devices, and it is safe to unbuckle you seatbelts as well. Thank you an have a great flight." She concluded. 

As soon as she said that, I powered on my iPhone. I saw I had a snapchat from Ashlei. Me and Colin took one for her making really ugly faces. She opened it but I was never notified that she had replied. I went on twitter and Instagram after that. I guess at one point through the flight I took a nap. I was awoken by the plane touching down in Bismarck, North Dakota. I looked out the window to see a white blanket covering the ground. Snow. It was a new sight for me. I never really saw snow because of the fact I lived in Florida. 


About 15 minutes after we hit the runway, they began letting us out if the plane. Me and Colin got up as I swung my backpack onto my back. Colin took my empty Starbucks cup and threw it away as we exited the Southwest flight 430. 

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