Change me.

Bridgette. 15. And trouble.


27. Abandoned.

We finally made it to Justin's car. He took out his keys and hit the unlock button a few times. It was a different black range rover. He opened the back door for me. I put my crutches on the floor of the car, and lifted myself up on the edge of the seat. I had to pull myself back against the opposite side I got in on so I had a perfect view if Justin while he was driving. He put my stuff in the back, behind my seat. He eventually climbed into his drivers seat. 

Justin: you ready to be home bridge? 

Bridgette: Yes! Do you know if Colin's home? 

Justin: naw. He had to go down to the keys to work on the film. 

We continued talking for about 45 more minutes until we reached my beautiful house. I was home. Justin pulled into the driveway so it would be easier for me to get out. I swung myself around and headed to my door. Justin followed after me to unlock the door. We got there and it was empty. My mom always left notes letting me know what She was doing. I went to the kitchen where they would always be. I yelled over at Justin 

Bridgette: Justin! Can you set my stuff by the stairs? Make yourself at home please! 

I found the note. It read 'Bridgette. You're now 16 and you have Colin and Justin now. I've gone to Seattle to live with my boyfriend. You can do it yourself now. I have left you with a credit card that is charged to me, and a million dollars in a savings account me and your father started when you were younger. Please don't worry about me. I love you honey, xo mom.'

did she really abandon me like my father. I started crying and screaming. Justin came rushing over and he pulled me gently inbetween his legs as we sat down. He rocked me. It was now me Colin and Justin against the world. 

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