one direction

Please comment your name, eye color hair color and hobbies. If there is and one direction boy you would like to be with, comment below (besides niall).


5. the concert

Amelia's P.O.V. We pulled up to the concert, and heard screaming coming inside the building. "CHLOE OVER HERE!" I yellled. "Lets get inside" said Chloe. We gave our tickets to the ticket guy, he sure looked miserable. We even had front row tickets, like Chloe said, our parents were billionaires. Chloe was my cousin, but my parents died so i lived with my grandma, who was a billionaire. The concert started, i had the stupidest grin ever on my face. I saw Niall walk out, with a snapback on and a blue shirt, and brown chinos. His hair was in the hottest quiff ever, but he would never notice me. Chloe noticed me staring, so she poked me. "Wait, what. Sorry, i was staring wasn`t i." "Yup." I looked at Niall, they were singing One Thing. He looked straight at me, and his mouth dropped wide open. He blushed when he saw me looking at him, but i got the courage and waved. I pulled my IPhone with its 1D case and looked at myself. I looked great! It was time for the backstage passes to go to use, me and Chloe were walking up to Paul, and we flashed him our passes. He gave us a thumbsup, so w went into the backstage area. I saw Zayn and Niall were staring at me, and Louis and Harry were staring at Chloe. Liam was waiting impatiently at his table, so we walked over to them. I went to Niall last, and we both exchanged numbers. "Thanks love, text me sometime ok?" 'OK!'

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