one direction

Please comment your name, eye color hair color and hobbies. If there is and one direction boy you would like to be with, comment below (besides niall).


14. rae, veronica, andrea, madelyn, morgan


Amelias P.O.V.

The girls had stopped fighting over Lou, but they disliked eachother. Its morning now, and the boys have a concert to do. Rae is Harrys stylist, Veronica is Louis stylist, Andrea is Liams stylist, Morgan is Nialls stylist and Madelyn is Zayns stylist. Rae go here first, we were waiting at Simons flat to get everything done. Morgan does my hair and makeup aswell as Nialls. Since Rae was first here, her and Harry went into the Dressing Room. I forgot to give Rae the list of what she needed to do, so I went in the room. I saw Rae kissing Harry, but he was letting her! That sick bastard! "Well, you to have fun." I stormed off to tell Chloe. I saw her watching some tellie. "Chloe, Rae was kissing Harry and he was letting her!" I burst out. She laughed. "Your just jealous.' I was shocked!

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