one direction

Please comment your name, eye color hair color and hobbies. If there is and one direction boy you would like to be with, comment below (besides niall).


8. niall

Amelia's P.O.V. I know Niall still loves me, but how could he? He was drunk, but i can't stop crying. I`m so glad i have Brianna and Chloe to help me, we were actually sleeping over at the boys house tonight. Niall was going to be there, oh joy. The girls and i got ready. I put my long blonde hair in a hot bun and so did chloe and brianna. I threw on some aeropostal pajama shorts, a PINK sweatshirt and curled my eyelashes. I put on my fuzzy pig slippers, and chloe and brianna had animal slippers to. Brianna had ducks, and chloe had frogs. They had on fuzzy pajama shorts, and brianna had zayns jack willis sweatshirt and chloe had her hollister sweatshirt. We all got in Chloes car and headed off to the boys flat. When we got there, i saw the boys with popcorn, a 20 pack of sprite and lots of candy. Niall was sitting at the kitchen table, with his head in his hands and puffy red eyes. I looked the same, my eyes were red and the boys frowned when they saw me. Everyone gave me a hug, and i faked a smile."Alrighty, lets watch some movies!" screams lou. "And miss brianna, you may pick the movie." 'Valentines Day." "YES!" everyone screams. We were halfway through the movie and everyone was screaming, "NO! HE CHEATED ON HER!" whenever they got to parts like that. I was silently crying, and no one noticed but Niall. He was sitting next to Liam and Zayn, looking at my red eyes. "Niall cheated on me to." i kept whispering. I said that when the movie accidently paused, and everyone looked at me. Chloe came and wrapped her arms around me, and then the movie went on again. "Shh, its ok." Everyone was watching me cry, and they were also giving death stares to Niall. He started crying to, i couldn't take it anymore. "SO NOW YOU CRY? YOU CHEAT ON ME, AND THEN CRY OVER ME? WHY NIALL, I LOVED YOU

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