one direction

Please comment your name, eye color hair color and hobbies. If there is and one direction boy you would like to be with, comment below (besides niall).


12. grace

Taylors POV


"Oh, guys, I also have someone for you to meet." Says Zayn. All the boys had gathered in the living room at Niall's and I's flat. A girl with blonde hair and green eyes stood in the doorway, looking shy. She wore black shorts and a polka dot yellow pink and black tank top. She had pink VANS on. "This is my cousin, Grace. She is in town for a ballet competition, so I thought she could hang out with us." Grace smiled, but blushed when Harry looked at her.Harry looked away confused. Chloe didn't respond well when Harry looked at Grace, so he wrapped his arm around Chloe's waist. "Hi, I'm, uh, I'm Grace." Grace spoke, quietly. After talking and learning about one another, we found out that Grace fancied Niall and Louis, YIKES! Lissy came from out of her shell, and was cracking jokes and was hilarious. "I'm bored. Lets play.... TRUTH OR DARE!" screeched Lou. Everyone agreed. Louis went first. "Alright, Amelia truth or dare." "Dare." she replied confidently. "I dare you to do 7 minutes of heaven with Niall. The closet is that way milady." After an enjoyable 7 minutes, we went back to the group, finding Grace and Lissy fighting over Louis.

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