one direction

Please comment your name, eye color hair color and hobbies. If there is and one direction boy you would like to be with, comment below (besides niall).


6. brianna

I texted Niall when i got home saying *hey whatcha doin:)* *nothin much u* *just watching tv, your concert is on tv right now lol*

Nialls P.O.V.  2 years later. I got a strange text from a random girl *hey babe, look outside you window. xxxxx Your #1 lover. I nervously looked out my window, to see an ugly girl standing down there. "Hey , whats your name?" i asked. "Carly Mariee Laken, but you my sexy may call me anything you want." I was drunk, so i kissed her, well made out with her actually. I stepped away from her, and decided i needed to tell Amelia. We were dating for gods sakes. i drove to her house, tears rolling down my face. i knocked on the door, and she looked at me, with her fuzzy pajam shorts and white lacey tank top. "OMG, baby whats wrong?" she asked. " I was so drunk, and i, i kissed an ugly girl, and now i feel awful, i love you more then anything!" i cried, sobbed when i said this. She looked at me with pained eyes, even more tears escaping her eyes. "We are over! I love you Niall, and i always will! How could you ever do this to me?" she shouted. She ran out of the house, sobbing and she slept over at the boys flat. When i walked in, Amelia was cuddled up in Briannas arms, Zayn's girlfriend. Everyone looked at me with cold eyes, what can i do to get her back?

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