one direction

Please comment your name, eye color hair color and hobbies. If there is and one direction boy you would like to be with, comment below (besides niall).


4. amelia

Amelias P.O.V. I had just finished taking a shower, so i put on the outfit me and Chloe picked out. It was supposed to be warm at the concert, and if your wondering its a 1D concert. I pulled on my light short denim shorts, and a yellow sweathshirt saying, FREE HUGS. I got my yellow VANS on, and then tackled my hair. First, i straightened it, then i put it into a crown braid, then a ponytail. I then added a yellow bow, and got my makeup. I put on bronzer, my eyelash curler and lots of mascara and some nude lipstick and eyeliner. I went and got in my yellow slugbug, oh how i matched well today. I was going to Chloes house, and seeing if she wore her outfit.

Chloes P.O.V. I got into the refreshing shower, and when i got out i looked at myself. Blonde hair, emerald green eyes (like Harry Styles eyes) and me and Amelia both had very long legs. I put on my outfit, short denim shorts, a red FREE HUGS sweatshirt, and some red VANS. Me and Amelia were also twins on our makeup and cars! I got on bronzer, red lipstick, lots of mascara, my eyelash curler and eyeliner. My hair was curled, in a crown braided ponytail, and had a red bow. I saw Amelia pull up, and we both squealed. "AHHH, I GET TO SEE NIALL JAMES HORAN, OMG!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT AND YOU GET TO SEE HAROLD EDWARD STYLES!!!!!!" screamed Amelia. "I know, you and Niall would be perfect together." "Don't even get me started on how extroidnHARRY you and hazza would be together. I snorted. We both ran into our cars, my red slugbug and her yellow ones. Our parents were billionaires, and were never around. "LETS GO!!!!!!!" shouted amelia from her car.


That chapter was just a filler, cus it sure was shitty. And remember to fave, comment and like. love yall :) xxxx

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