Grudges & Grouches

Austin, Ally, Adam, Trish, Dez's parents always play poker on Friday night but when they all have a big fight they say the kids can't hang out any more so they have to show their parents that they need eachother


2. Sneak outs and Freak outs

Austin and Ally texting 

Austin: I miss you already 

Ally: I can take care of that 

Austin: really!

Ally: yeah meet me in the park 

goes to the practice room 

Ally: Adam I'm sneaking out 

Adam: what

Ally: cover for me 

Adam: sure but if your not back by 10 

Ally: I will be thanks 

Goes to the park

Austin: Ally? 

Ally: yeah it's me 

Austin: thanks for meeting me here 

Ally: yeah so what's up 

Austin: well first I just wanted to see you because I didn't say bye

Ally: really Austin

Austin: but I do have another plan 

Austin tells her his plan 

Ally looks at her phone it's 9:58

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