Grudges & Grouches

Austin, Ally, Adam, Trish, Dez's parents always play poker on Friday night but when they all have a big fight they say the kids can't hang out any more so they have to show their parents that they need eachother


3. Grounded & Grilled

Mr Dawson and Mrs Dawson walk in 

Mr Dawson: Adam where's Ally 

Adam: oh she's getting a drink 

Mr Dawson: we didn't see her come out 

Adam: she went through the window she didn't wanna disturb you 

Ally crawls through the window 

Adam: oh hey Ally did you get a drink 

Ally: yep it was delicious 

Mr Dawson: okay *he leaves* 

Mrs Dawson: okay kids I know that's not the truth where was Ally 

Adam: getting a drink 

Ally: Adam she's not as dumb as dad I went to see Austin 

Mrs Dawson: Ally your not allowed to talk to that boy 

Ally: he's my boyfriend and my partner 

Mrs Dawson: not any more Ally call that boy and tell him you have to break up with him and you can't write him songs any more

Ally: mom! 

Adam: mom you can't do that 

Mrs Dawson: why not 

Adam: because I set it up for them 

Ally: Adam! 

Adam: shut up 

Mrs Dawson: your grounded Adam


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