Grudges & Grouches

Austin, Ally, Adam, Trish, Dez's parents always play poker on Friday night but when they all have a big fight they say the kids can't hang out any more so they have to show their parents that they need eachother


1. Fights & Frights

Ally: wow poker is running late tonight 

Adam: it always runs late because dad always tries to steal money from Mr Moon 

Austin: what's funny is that he always let him take it

Trish: look here they come 

the parents walk in 

Ally: how was poker 

Mr Dawson: these people are idiots 

Mr Moon: Austin your not allowed to talk to Ally, Dez, Adam, or Trish any more 

Austin: what 

Mrs Moon: come on Austin we're leaving 

they all leave 

Mrs De La Rosea: you too Trish lets go

Trish: mom 

Mr De La Rosea: lets go Trish 

They leave

Mr Fisher: Come on Dez 

They all leave

Ally: what happened 

Mrs Dawson; we'll tell you later now go upstairs and wait for us to call you 

Ally: but...

Adam: c'mon Ally 

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