My School Won?

Hey Im Jaclyn Hayes! Yesh Hunter Hayes sister! I goto lincoln Jr high school! im 15 ! im popular...Love singin dancing and sports! soo on to the story! one dy a girl get a singing part for the school wil she win it or lose? Well all her dreams come true! READ TO SEEE


5. Chapter 5

So today ws monday first day of practicing for the video! 

"So are we going to be in the same spot the whole time!" asked Daniel

"hmmm i dont tink so!" i said he agreed and sat down!

"so im passing out the all this weeks scheule!" i said walking handing everyone the papers."Everyone will be in the video!" i added

"So lets go find our spots!" i said we walked out the gym into the courtyard.It was big but i probably wont fit in the camra!

After several hour we found places for everyone and taped signs for them o remember! its really cool! Tomorrow we are learning ourmoves and song!

I got home to my wonderful peaceful home!

"What About the family!" i heard my mom yell guessing it was my dad never mind about peaceful!

"What family! our son is on tour never home! OUR daugther in her own world never home either!" he yelled back

"Woah! I am home thank you very much! Just cause i have a job and have cheer practice and now the video! doesnt mean i dont live here! this familys always busy im surprised we havent forgot who our family are!" I yelled "Also how do you know what a family is dad! your always at work or at bar!!!" i added i turned around and walked out the house

"Get your ass back here! You dont talk to me like that!" he yelled i stopped and turned around and flip him off!

"I dont care what you want MOVE OUT!" i yelled and looked at my mom she walked inside to pack his bags and she did throw his bags out him! i blusted out laughing

"come on hon. lets go inside!" my mom said grabbing my hand leading me inside!

"Glad hes gone!" she said i agreed i went upstairs to change and went to bed for the night cause a big week ahead!(;

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