My School Won?

Hey Im Jaclyn Hayes! Yesh Hunter Hayes sister! I goto lincoln Jr high school! im 15 ! im popular...Love singin dancing and sports! soo on to the story! one dy a girl get a singing part for the school wil she win it or lose? Well all her dreams come true! READ TO SEEE


3. Chapter 3

"Good moring Lincoln JR high schooL!" mr. davis said

"Theres no annocments but the inner of the music video contest!" he said

I started to freak i knew i felt some eyes on me i felt them like a rock about to hit me

"So the winner is..!" he stop bring me out of thoughs

"Ms Jaclyn Hayes!" he said i could tell he was smiling. Everyone was clapping and cheering i was turning red and stuff

"Congratz mrs hayes! come to the office after school and we will talk it out!" he said and got off the speaker

"Ahhh Jaclyn i knew it you won!" alexis said hugging me

"thanks" i said the bellrang to next period  everyone was cheerin and some were giving me hate, mostly the popular girls that hated me! this school is split up in part popular other populars greeks emos werid talent mean etc

"Congratz Babe! Fabian said kissing me I guesss we are going since he ask me togoto the fair with him tommorrow on saturday!

"Thanks!" i said kissin back

"AHHHHH i heard the other half the hall scream! i looke to see who is was!

"OMG Hunter!" i yelled running to hug him i havent seen him since my birthday he left on tour the day after!

"Jayyyy!" he said picking me up spinning me!

"come on m talking you to lunch bring alyssa kadie alexis and hayle and this guy!" he said

"Hi im hunter jays sister!" he said sticking his handout to fabian!

"Im fabin her boyfriend!" he said taking his hand hunter just looked at me

"So come on!" he said happy "Oh and jayy congrats!" my bro said

"Thanks Babe!" i said i love my brpother and i love him to death he took time out of tour to see me and take me and my friends out to eat no school for now!

we went out for chines and screaming fans and crap my ears hurt so i sat next to fabian he had his arm around me! i love him to.

"So this is cool!"" kadie said breakin the silents

"Yah here with hunter hayes!" Alyssa said

"Im used to him hes my older dork brother!" alexis said she knew him since we were 4 best days of my life that i can calll her best friend! we ate our chinse and they brought us back to school and it was almost time to go 2 more classes

"That was fun!" fabian said '"i got to meetsomeone famous!" he added

we laughed and we got stop by Koby and his crew i got behind fabian just alittle bit.

"Hiding babe still can see you slut!" he said i was forming tears hunter was still with us walking to class

"Hey Back off my sister!" hunter said

"hey you that hunter hayes dude!" he laughed

"Yeh so back off my fucking sister!" he said i neverseen him like this before when people miss with me and calld me names around him is the only time he gets piss and curses!

"What are you goin to do!" he said looking like he was about to punch him! i stepping infront of him and  i punched him in the face! i justed looked at my fist!

"j-jaclyn!" they said i ran away and i heard people following i fianlly took courage to defend myself! i fee kinda good!

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