My School Won?

Hey Im Jaclyn Hayes! Yesh Hunter Hayes sister! I goto lincoln Jr high school! im 15 ! im popular...Love singin dancing and sports! soo on to the story! one dy a girl get a singing part for the school wil she win it or lose? Well all her dreams come true! READ TO SEEE


2. Chapter 2

~Jaclyn Pov~

I woke in the nurses office with a ice pack on my head and Alexis walking in to see i guess and she came up to me!

"Are you ok?" she asked hugging me

"Yah I"m Fine!" i said hugging her back

I got up and went to 8th the last class of the day yeah i was out from 3rd-7th period! Oh well i sat in the back with my other best-friends Alyssa Kadie and hayle and Alexis!

"Jaclyn I ope they pick you! so i can meet one direction and really Liam!" Kadie said And everyone agreed

"i dont know there alot of other talent people here in this school and i not good at all!" i said looking at them

they all gave me death stare!

"what?" I sid going back to work so did the and like few mi later the prinipal and koby and eiland came in to get me!

"Mrs Hayes Please come here!" mr davis said (prinipal)

Everyone ooked at me andi got up and packed my stuff and walked to the door where they were

"Bitch got caught!" lizzy said i hated her so much we used to be bff till i won miss LJHS and she didnt

"There only calling me cause i probably winningsomething agai and your not!" i said to her and left i heard the class laugh and so did the teacher

"Hmm yes sir!" i said

"What happen with them two!" he asked me looking me dead in the eyes

I told him everythiing and why an whenand how He was mad his face red at his shirt and took by arm and left eliand!

"are you ok?" i said kissing him

"We have to breakup" he said ''

I started to cry "why I didnt do anything im been good to you!" i said

"my mom told me to call it off and we are moving my dad got deploed" he said

"Oh...!" i said running away hitting someone falling on floor with the most hottest popular boy in school on top of me! Fabian!

"Are you ok im so sorry!" he said helping me up!

Yah are you getting dumped cause yur ex is moving then no!" i said we both giggled wow he hot

"Oh well hmm do you wannahang out this weekend!? maybe goto the fair!" he said leaning against the lockers

"Hmm I wold like that!" i said leaning on the locke to

"yah cool then see you then!" he said kissing me on the cheek and walking away!

Eliand who?

The Bell rang to go home! tomorrow is finally friday!

"what happen?" ask alyssa kadie and alexis and hayle at same time! walking into my huge house!

"He wanted to know why they where fighting!" i said going up to my room and them not far behind!

"Oh yah that!" alyssa said!

"what happen to them!" asked hayle

"wel koby puled to the office and eliand stayed and we talked! and than he broke up with me case he is moving!" i said

"Awwe Jaclyn we are SOOOO sorry!" kadie said

"Thats ok thats talk aout somehing esle! i said gettng up walking down stairs to the kitchen.

"Your hidin something tell us" alexs said amn this girl knows me when something is up!

"Nothing" i said turing red and they gave me another stare

"Ok fine fabian asked me out on a dtae saturday to go the fair!" i said

"fabian the hottest popualr boy at our school Fabian!"Alyassa and kadie said

"yesh!" i said and the hugged me and we jumped up and down we were so happy i got fabian i guess yahhhh!

Like i said before....Eliand who?





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