Ugly Me

Abby is a 15-year old with problems from bullies when she starts looking into the devils ways she becomes posessed.Is being pretty and popular worth the evil?


3. Not anymore...Bitch

the bell rings and i pick my stuff up and tell joe to come on but he justs stays there untill abby gets up and he follows her like a fucking sick puppy!When she walks by me she bumps into me knocking my stuff down and everyone laughs.'Dont laugh!Im popular!!!!!'i scream aggrivatedly.'Not anymore...bitch'she leans in and whispers in my ear.She walks out the door and everyone follows her like they are under a spell or something,it sickens me.Im walking through the hallway when i realize somethings different.Noone parted for me!



i try to squeeze my way throught the crowd and end up getting 5 bruises and a couple of scratches also i was pushed a couple of times.I finally get to my next period when i see abby in MY seat next to who other than joe!!'get up' i say.'haha or what?'' 'or... or..' 'or youll stammer me to death, yeah so scary' tears well up in my eyes and i got to the back of the classroom with the losers.'did you guys see that, abby stood up the queen bitch!!'i run out the classroom and bump into my friends. ''what did i do' i ask them. 'we cant talk to you anymore you are unpopular'

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