Ugly Me

Abby is a 15-year old with problems from bullies when she starts looking into the devils ways she becomes posessed.Is being pretty and popular worth the evil?



Abby's P.O.V.

"Who to kill first maybe Jessica....Nahh leaving the bitch for last. I'll start with her boyfriend and work my way up. NO!!WHAT AM I THINKING?I CAN'T KIL-yes  i will- NO I WON'T!1AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH IM LOSING MY MIND" What's wrong sugar , my dad says barging in. He looks me up and down sizing me up. ...i have no clothes on. he closes in on me and pushes me on the bed. he starts undressing and i black out.


Jessica's P.OV.

how dare they? how drae she? Im going to knock her straight. i walk up her stairs and realize the door is wide open. 'ABBY!!' i run up the stairs and into a closed door and see her chocking her dad. I scream and run out the room.

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