Ugly Me

Abby is a 15-year old with problems from bullies when she starts looking into the devils ways she becomes posessed.Is being pretty and popular worth the evil?


2. Don't call me that

The halls seperated like a runway fora model.This is already a bad day.'Hey skank' tiffany says.i dont answer and push my way through.'Hey bitch im talking to you!'she yells.Someone pushes me toward her and i fall which of course makes everyone laugh.''Have a nice fall?'she says smirking.She kicks me and leaves.I get up and grab my things and rush to the bathroom and into a stall.Tears rush out of me  like a river.i quiet down when i hear someone walk in.'and i heard she paid joe 50 to touch her breasts that she doesnt have!Ha ha ha.So as someone who looked out for him i kicked her,the skank should know better''i hear other peoples laughter and it gets quiet.'Abby!We know your in there!'Tiffany says.I grab my stuff and try to rush out when she pushes me back in.'Where do you think you are going?''To class.'i reply,my voice shaking with fear.'not withought your books'and she grabs them and throws them in the toilet.'Now they match you, skanky and noone like them'she and her friends laugh and attempt to leave.'assholes'i mumble.all and Tiffany turns around .'What did you say?'and she comes and grabs me by my hair and drags me in a stall and dunks my head in a toilet.I struggle to breathe.'Tiffany, stop you'll kill her' i hear.someone comes in and my head lifts.I get up and push her into the mirror and it shatters around her she picks up some glass and throws it at me.'YOU BITCH!'she screams and comes at me with glass i struggle with her and then i just stop trying when i remember something.She stabs my chest and the last thing i hear is.'Oh my gosh'


                                                                                   3 days ago

I run into my bathroom and throw up in the toilet.I grab a small compact mirror and step on it shattering the glass and grabbing a chunk of it and put it to my wrist.I enter it deep in my wrist and move down ,as the tears come down my face.Blood pours out almost as fast as i am crying.I know what i am doing as my fingers make a pattern in the blood and i black out.





                                                                           back to day

tiffany's pov

'We need to get rid of her body!' i say.i grab her arms and jessica grabs her legs the others help us put her in the car and i drive us in the woods i tell them to help me as i make a hole.'Its not deep but it will do i cant have this in my record' i say as we drive back to the school.This is all a misunderstanding.Right?


                                                                                           5th period the next day

i sit in my seat and text back and forth with jessica when the teacher asks has anyone seen abby.'She might be skipping' says jessica. 'Sorry mrs.vandingburg i was in the office.'says abby as she walks in.My mouth drops.Abby wasnt abby she was hott!'Close your mouth you'll catch flies' she says and walks to the back of the room and sits by joe.He blushes when she smiles at him.This cant be abby she was wearing a pink miniskirt and a white cropped shirt with 5 inch stellitos and she had cleavage!and thats when i remember yeesterday and i turn around and stare at her.'Buzz the office if you dont believeee me.I almost died getting here.' when sh says that statement she looked at me her eyes were cold and turned around quick.I stabbed her how is she alive?


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