Hidden Identity (Niall Horan FanFic)

(This Is A Niall Horan FanFic)
What if you were in a terrible accident and you couldn't remember a thing about your life. Your friends, family nothing? Well that's exactly how i feel, I was in a terrible accident and can't remember a thing. All i remember is a mask, a boy, a true love and a dance. I live in a age where things aren't as they seem. A age were the modern world sometime clashes with the part. What will happen to me? Will I remember? Will I find that boy with the mask? Read to find out.


2. Going Home



Olivias POV

Its been a week or so since I left the hospital. I've stayed at my parents house who have helped me regain some of my memories. Amanda is coming tonight and tomorrow we head back to London. I can now remember some memories i have with her which is good because before a couples days ago all i could remember was up to graduating school. 

I  sit on the couch and watch some Tv waiting upon the arrival of my best friend. I love my parents and all, but they are always so cautious of what i do since the accident and treat me like i'm a little kid again. It will be good to go home (london) and just go back to the way things were before the accident. To live my life again. 

I still have dreams almost every night about the same boy. Its not all with masks now sometimes i'll see him as a shadow or something ,but regardless it is always him.


As i watch the music countdown i hear a knock at the door. My heart leaps as i know the only due visitor is Amanda! I quickly go to the door and open it to reveille that it is indeed the face i now recognize as Amanda.  We both look at eachother and embrace tightly.

"Oh Liv i've missed you so much the flat has been so empty without you! How are you? I tried to come see you in the hospital but they wouldn't let me! how ludicris is that!"

I laugh as she keeps rambling on and lead her back over to the couch.

"I am doing alot better thanks. I can now remember alot more stuff which i couldn't before its all slowly coming back to me."

"hey i've got an idea why don't we go shopping for the day?"

"that actually sounds amazing"

We headed out for down. Going to the main strip. There was tons of stores here, Jack Wills (my fave) Burberry, Diana, Forever Yours and cute little boutiques.

This was exactly what i needed. A brake from badguring people acting like I was a little kid or an idiot. Yes i have amnesia, that doesn't mean i can't remember everything. Like I know how to dress myself for gods sake.

We decided to go to Jack Wills last ,on the account of I would have blown every single penny i had to spend there if we had gone there first...

Coincidentally they were having a 30% off sale. YES. We both browsed through the store grabbing anything that caught our eye. We went to the change rooms with piles of dresses and cloths to try on. Strutting around in them and messing around. It was the most fun i've had in a long time. After trying things on i ended up only wanting to take 2 if the 6 dresses and 3 shirts. We were just about to go to the checkout line when i saw a sweater that caught my eye.

 It was a guy shirt but it was so pretty! it was Purple and red. Just as i was grabbing it someone did at the same time. I looked up to a guy with Ray bans on which he lowered only for a second to expose his piercing blue eyes and blonde hair.

"Sorry bout that but err this is a guy shirt?"

He apologized blushing a bit out of embarrassment

" erm its ok i just like guy shirts, here you can have it"

i say handing it over to him.

"but you grabbed it first"

he tried to protest

"ya but your the guy"

"here why don't we just ask the clerk if there's another deal?" 

"good idea"

he flashed a smile and waved over an attendant, who hurriedly came over

"what can i help you with sir?"

"well you see me and my friend here both want this shirt but there seems only to be one?"

"I'am sorry sir but we only have the one of this item. You see it was made by accident these colours were specifically used for the girl shirts. But we do have them in stock so i can get her it."

the boy looked to me and i just nodded

"that would be great thanks."

the attendant quickly walked to the back room to find the item

"so whats your name love?"

i only realized now that he had an irish accent



he said whilst putting a hand out to shake, in which i  gladly took and shook even though i found it a bit strange. You don't really shake hands nowadays. 

The lady soon came back with a shirt exactly like Nialls.

"You two are very lucky these were the last two in stock and are limited addition"

The attendant left us again

"We are shirt buddies for life now you do realize that right"

He said while grinning

"for sure"

i say smiling at the mysterious boy, something about him seemed a bit familiar but i couldn't put a finger on it


"oi Niall we have to go lad"

Another lad wearing a hoodie and glasses with curly hair said hiding behind a shelf.

"right i better go it was nice meeting you liv maybe ill see you around"

and with a wave he left.


I turned back to the change rooms where Manda still was.

She approached me.

"OMG that was like the hottest guy ever!"

i just giggled

"seriously liv whats his name"

"Niall he said"

"well i'd like to get some of that Niall damn"

she linked arms with me and we both laughed. We both purchased our items were off for my house finishing my packing before we had to go the airport.




After  finishing packing mum and dad drove us to the airport and after sad good byes me and Manda went to get on the plane. Once on i quickly nodded off to the thoughts of my dear mystery boy again <3












Hope you liked this chapter

Sorry it took so long to right i've been busy at work and school

But ah they met! they just don't realize who eachother is!

oh the irony


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