Hidden Identity (Niall Horan FanFic)

(This Is A Niall Horan FanFic)
What if you were in a terrible accident and you couldn't remember a thing about your life. Your friends, family nothing? Well that's exactly how i feel, I was in a terrible accident and can't remember a thing. All i remember is a mask, a boy, a true love and a dance. I live in a age where things aren't as they seem. A age were the modern world sometime clashes with the part. What will happen to me? Will I remember? Will I find that boy with the mask? Read to find out.


1. Preview Chapter

Hey so this is a new fanfic i'm going to write if people like the preview chapter

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If no one likes it i will not continue

This is a story about Niall and a long lost love





Hidden Identity

Olivias POV


My name is Olivia Stanfield, or that's what they tell me at least. You see I was in a accident months ago, went into a comma and when I awoke I couldn't remember a thing. I am in the hospital. I've been awake for about a week now. I can remember my family and some vague childhood memories but that's it. It's weird i dream of the same thing every night.

A boy

I don't remember who he is, or even if I actually knew him but he is in my dream every single night. Wearing a mask and tux. How i crave to know the identity of this boy.

My Boy

My dream boy

Whenever I ask my mom about it, she says i m delusional and it is all a dream.

Apparently mum doesn't know much about my life though because i was supposedly living in London with my friend Amanda who I can vaguely recall but there is some memories that are coming back.

I just wish i could get out of this stupid hospital and remember my life and who my mystery boy is




Niall's POV


I still remember the accident clear as day though the only thing i don't remember is if there was anyone else in the car. I was told that my car was stricken by a drunk driver. The range rover had flipped twice before stopping. I had suffered a broken ankle and a bad concussion  which they said is what caused my  memory lose. I was lucky to be alive! The band had to take a month off. They had wanted to cancel all the shows but i insisted we not that we couldn't let the fans down. When i asked them about if i was alone in the vehicle the lads had told me they didn't know as, when they got to the hospital they had someone else had been injured but they had been transported to a different hospital within the UK. I didn't loose much of my memory but it was spotty in places. Today is the day

 I finally get to go home.


I sat on the edge of my hospital bed waiting for the lads to come get me.

Soon enough they are at the door walking in

"hey mate how ya feeling" Zayn says as he walks over to me high five/hand hugging me

"alot better i don't feel so groggy or drugged anymore. I actually feel like me for once"

"that's great to hear you ready to go?" -Liam

"ya lets go. Harry can you hand me those crutches?" i said pointing to the stupid crutches that lay in the corner.

"sure mate" he replied as he handed me the crutches.

I grabbed them and stood up. Louis grabbed my bags and before we left I put my snap back and shades on. When we got out of the hospital there were tons of fans there. With signs saying get better Niall and such I smiled and waved to the fans. singing few autographs and pictures because it was hard to move with the crutches. Soon we all got into Harry's range rover and headed to our flat.

Once we got to the flat Lou put my bags in my room and we all crashed on the couches.

"Anyone up for some video games?" Liam said with an excited look on his face

we all said yes and got out the controllers. It was me against Liam playing fifa. I of course was winning since Liam was quit rubbish at this game. Just as  I was about to shoot the game ending goal the doorbell rang. Suddenly the tv turned off

"Oi why'd you turn the tv off?!"

"Because Dani is herreee" 

Liam said as he walked to the door to let Dani in

"pssh you and that women i'll never get you to"

"that's because you've never had a proper girlfriend Niall"

"Hey! i told you i am waiting for my princess!"

The rest of the lads just laughed at me. I knew they thought it was a ridiculous thing. Thinking that there was 1 soul mate out there perfect for you. But I believed it with all my heart.


As Dani  walked in she gave Li a big kiss.

"Niall your home! I am so glad" 

she came running over and I got up to hug her. As i did, I smelled a verry familar smell


"ya Ni"

"i is that Nandos"

everyone once again burst out laughing including Dani

"why yes it is Mr. Horan just for you''

"ah you wonderful person"

I said as i engulfed her in another Horan hug. Then i took my bag of food to the table and devoured it as the rest of the boys joined around and ate there food aswell. We talked of the news and what I had missed whilst in the hospital. After dinner i was actually quite tired so I bid everyone good night and retired to my room. I quickly fell asleep and dreamed the dream i had dreamnt for the past week. Same girl every time. Gorgeous ombre brown wavy hair piercing blue eyes. Yet that was all i could see as her face was covered by a mask.  I wish I knew who she was because every night in my dream our we'd be dancing faces almost touching about to kiss then suddenly ripped apart. It always ended like this.

But i knew one thing....

She was my dream girl and I had to find her



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