4. Chapter 4 an unusual recruit???(wanted to make this clear)

I woke up at 4:30 and opened the locked drawer. My head filled with relief, as my hand pulled out the papers. It took me a while to fill it all out. There were weird questions, I've never seen on anything before. Once I was done, it was about 6:00 a.m. perfect timing. I got dressed really fast, and set out to the police station. About 20 minuets later I reached the station. I pulled the cold metal framed door as I took a step inside. Grace was waiting for me."Hello! I finished the, is that it?" I handed her the papers over the desk as she laughed."Yes, and no." She paused figuring out what she had spoken."So what will I do?" I asked."We'll talk about that later hun', for now go to school. Be here at 7:00, no later than." She said briskly waving goodbye as I pulled my backpack off the chair I set it. On my way to school it started raining. Hard. When I entered the school, I was completely drenched. My shirt sagged, my essay I typed at school that I brought home was somewhat damaged, my hair was soaking, and so were my shoes. I felt like an idiot. And the rain must of slowed me down. I was 10 minuets late to school."I like your new hairstyle dork." Zach snorted."Oh, I like yours too." I smeared a huge sarcastic smile ob my face. After me and Zach met the day I came to school, he's been nothing but a bully. He walked away from the conversation. "He lost this time." I snickered at Ruby. Ruby was up to something. She was always unimpressed and gloomy with everything."Ok. You've been acting like this for months. Whats up." I stopped her in passing classes."Nothing." She plastered a fake wide smile on her face, looked down, and frowned again."Alright. Just tell me what's up ok? I don't care when. Just do. Ok?" I said and ran to my next class, I had a presentation on careers. Like real jobs, and I wasn't prepared what so ever. I sat in my seat as soon as the bell rang."Good morning class, today, as you know is our career presentations!!!" The teacher smiled."Who'd like to go first?" She called out. A hand shot up."Me, me, me!!!" I heard behind me. I looked back. It was my worst enemy in school, Desseri Tomlilan. I rolled my eyes."Go ahead Desseri." The teacher said (Everyone else called her Dez). She walked up in her pencil skirt, and highheels. I hate those snotty "popular" brats. She pulled out a few notecards, and began speaking,"The career I have decided on was being a Nurse. I picked this because....." BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! I started doodling, until the end of class."That's it, we'll get to the next presentations tomorrow." By the time I stopped my imagination, it was the end of school, and I headed to my bus. I took a seat in the back, then Zack and Desseri came on the bus. Of course, they are dating. Both stupid people, idiots, and brats."Heyyy Tori." Dez snorted."Shut up. Go away." I snapped, putting my headphones in.
She rolled her eyes,"Hun' when are you ever gonna' stop being so gwumpy?" She made a pouty face and slapped my iphone down, but it didn't hit the floor, it was hanging from the wires of my earphones. I quickly took them off and started screaming at Desseri. Everyone that got on the bus was watching us. Zach and everyone was staring at us. Someone screamed out "cat fight!" And it grew me more angry. Desseri then got freaked out and backed away. As soon as I was done with my "speech", I sat down quickly. Then I heard clapping. Oh my god. I hate people who think this is funny, like it's a joke. I blocked it out, and then I got off the bus at my stop. I sat up in my room the whole day, watching funny you-tubers(*COUGH COUGH* Pewdiepie *COUGH COUGH*). It was 6:30 p.m. and I shut my laptop and went down stairs."Mom! I'm going to my friends house!" I yelled skipping two stairs and jumping two stairs and slamming my feet on the ground. My mom was sitting at the table doing work."Sure." She sighed. I ignored the sighs now. I got my coat and ran out the door. I reached the place at 6:58 p.m.,"Grace? I'm here." I shouted."Hold on. Hold on. I'll come in a minuet!" She yelled from the back. She came up to the desk and set a cardboard box on the table."Hello Tori. Come in back, we'll talk." She said. I went around the desk and to the back with her. She pulled out about two pieces of paper."Skim through these. You have choices. Which ever ones you'd be more careful and responsible is, is yours." This wasn't was way, surreal. I read through. All the things I saw in movies were like this. I liked this, and this was just so amazing to me. We talked through things,"Alright, were done here. You are now about to be a new recruit to the agency. I will notify the agency, sorry I could not do this properly." Grace said waving as I walked out. I grinned like it was the happiest time I have had. This was exciting for me. I was finally a "Part" of something.

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