3. Chapter 3

( Her life out of her dream us connected to something. It's real obvious after you read a bit of it, i hope! btw: she is not a cannibal!!!! She doesn't "eat" them, she is like a vampire.  Ok so comment what you think of this, and if i should add more like this. Kk adios hope you like it! 😜)
A spark started flames, I started to feel the heat rise, this time, in my dream, I found a way out. Bright light beam shot through a small opening. I ripped the copper-ish panel down, and threw myself out of the pit, and landed on these black panels with white bright lights on the side. I looked down. Big mistake. It was a never ending pit. Only these panels were under me. It was a bridge. I felt sweat running down my face. Then, I looked up to see a huge bright platform. I took a step, I was on the light, and I could barely see in front of me. Someone was standing three feet away. I asked"Who is it?" Squinting my eyes. A sinister kind of laugh came out of the persons mouth. And then, black. I woke myself up from my haunting nightmare I still had. This was all wrong. Something is wrong. How did I get further into my repetitive dream?"Tori! Your going to be late for school! Hurry up!" My mother yelled. I got up, and got ready for school."Bye mom! Bye Lil!"I shouted out the door and closed it shut. A few minuets I made it down the street to my bus stop. But when I looked further, there was police cars, and an ambulance. I pushed through a very small crowd, and there he was. Brian being lifted up into an ambulance. All I could do is stand in shock. The sight of his broken bones and bruises, made me feel like I had paralysis.Luckily he was still alive. I screamed in horror as the ambulance ran off. People watched, only to stand and ignore. But they were sympathetic  still. A few people at the stop patted me on the shoulder, but that's it. I left the stop five minuets later. I couldn't go to school. I can't see the assignment notebook or spirals of mine he wrote on. It twisted my insides. It was all to sickening. I roamed around for a couple of hours. The money I saved for the upcoming field trip I used to eat lunch, and buy a book at the town library. I looked around for my favorite series with a new book out."Hmmm, let's see..." I bit my tongue skimming through book isles."Ah!" I took out a medium sized silver covered book. And headed to the cash register. I walked out with my paid two books, and checked the time. Two twenty-five. Just enough time to get 'Someone' to eat. I had followed a person that was out of our town, way back, no where close to our town, but only about twenty minuets away. I must have been noticed by this person. Because by the time I sucked the life out of the body, The cops were surrounding me. Then, I realized how much I looked like a vampire."Freeze!" Two cops said, all of them pointing a gun at me. There was about five cops, and I knew I could jump on the house roof next to me that I was under. With one jump, I got on the wall of the brick house. Second, I landed on the roof. But I slipped, falling down into the hard dirt. The cops looked astonished, more than scared, or angry looking. I was about to run, when one came behind me and put a gun to my head. Ok. Perfect. I'm dead. Wait till my mother finds out. One shoved me into the police car, and minuets passed before I got to the police station. I sat down for a while. The police were mumbling and talking to each other for a while, finally someone came out in front of the waiting desk."Hello. My name is Grace. You have a lot of training to do." She smiled."What are you talking about?" I questioned."Would you like to be enrolled in government agency?" She asked." I out of trouble if I do?" I asked."Yes. Out of this case. We will keep this case to ourselves. " she winked and laughed." Can you really do that?!" I mumbled."Well...sort of." She lifted up her hand making a so/so sign."I'll do it!" I said smiling."Go through these papers, and we'll see you here soon." I didn't even care what it was. I just wanted out. She handed me papers, and I went home at five."Dang it!" I said. I walked in the door, mom was  waiting in the kitchen for me."Why weren't you here at three when you are suppose to be?" She asked with curiosity and anger in her eyes."I was studying at my friends house." I said."Oh! My gosh! Brian!!! Mom I have to visit my friend at the hospital tomorrow!" I said throwing around a different conversation."Whatever! Go do what you want..." She sighed. Somethings up. At least I got passed her with those papers in my hands. I put them in my secret little cabinet I had stuff of memories in there, and then locked it with a key that was under my bed. In a box. The whole night, a wondered. About everything that was happening in my life.

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