2. Chapter 2

   I was lying in the middle of the street, bleeding heavily out of my side. I saw lily staring at me, "Tori!!! Wake up!!! Why do you have a bad boo boo..." I blacked out after that. I felt myself getting numb. 'WAKE UP!!!' I started shouting in my head. ~    I woke up, but didn't open my eyes. I could hear the beeps of machines, and i knew i was alive. I moaned in agony, the IV i had in my arm was making my arm super soar, and hurt me so much. I panicked, i was super scared.  I ripped the IV out and ran down the hallway into a bathroom that smelled like alcohol, and sprays and disinfectant. I was trying to find normal clothes, not a weird gown and while i searched, i realised that i was stabbed. When i thought about it, i dropped to the cold disinfected floor. Then i heard people rush in. I guess my running and twisting led me to bleed a lot out of the cut. I felt really dizzy. They pulled me up from the floor and i was crying. Next thing i knew, i was out. ~ *days later.*    I walked out of the hospital and got into my mom's car. I was super happy to see lil,"LIL!!!" I screeched. I hugged her and said." I'm starving! And i mean for real food. Lil did you eat all the icecream?" I joked."Nope. I saved a whole thing just for you!" She smiled happily." Good." I said."Mom put some music on!!!" Lil screamed from her back seat."Ok hold on Lil! Tori what station?" She asked."Uhhh, just push the small button under the  sound." I said." Lil, you want a shake?" Mom said. "Ok." She took the milkshake from the holder. My mom hates me now. I don't know why. But she is acting weird, and she isn't talking to me like she would." Mom is something wrong?" I asked. "Oh, nothing really sweetie." She said. " Are you sure cau-" i was interrupted." Yes, i'm sure." By then i knew she was hiding something from me and Lil. When we got home, I ran up to my room, and jumped out the window, climbing down the side of my house. No one was out here, so i went a little further to a different neighborhood. Then i saw someone. My old friend. ~ "Hey Brian!" I snuck up on him and shouted in his ear. He flipped out, tripping."What the hell was that Tori?!" He gasped, i laughed,"calm down! Such a sissy." He calmed down from his little heart attack."So, Why are you here?" I wondered. I sat on a metal fence, waiting for a stupid response." I don't know. Not really hungry. Just for fun." "Cool. Were you going anywhere?" I looked around this, almost vacant place. And i felt nervous for once." yeah. Tori? Can i ask you something?" He said, trying to hide his voice, even though no one was here."Sure. What up?" I said."Can you keep a secret?""Totally." I said back. There was a pause, and i could tell he was very nervous."Well, it goes. I was here beca-"He was interrupted by  cars lining up in front of us."What's this?!" I asked. He just stood there, until he screamed,"Run!!!" I didn't question him, and we started running."Hey-Don't-You-Have-Control-Power?" I yelled over engines in breathes."Yeah. But i can't control my powers too much. When i moved away from my real parents earlier, and i've never trained this power." Brian said. I wanted to run away from the scene. So i did. When we passed by a small corner and formed into a cat. I saw the cars run by, and one person jumped out. They saw me come in here, so i jumped a fence, and climbed onto a roof. I felt so bad. But Brian would be okay....i think. I'm not good with these things, when someone is chasing you, not you chasing them. When i was on my street, i took human form. The next day, i hopped on the school bus. Brian scooted himself  in my seat."Why the hell did you leave?!" He showed me his cut, bruised, and scarred face."I'm soooooo sorry!" That's all i really could say...."You should be! But it's no biggy...." He said."Uh, yeah....i should."        (Sorry this chapter ended so abruptly!!!)  

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