1. Chapter 1

Description: 17 year old girl, named Tori, has long dark brown straight hair with a streak of blonde in the front, has crystal blue eyes and very tall for her age.

I heaved for air, as the walls closed in. I felt a loose bolt in the broken up nailed wall. Quickly pulling at it, and unscrewing it i jumped in the tiny hole. A spark started flames, i started to feel the heat rise, the flames consumed me i screamed with pain, my hands waving for help. I jumped out of the dream, sweating and trying to get a breath out."Same nightmare...every night." I sighed, putting pushing my covers back. I put on my ripped jeans and a tight T with a watery painted looking fox on it. I stuffed the back of my hair in a dark blue beanie, letting my blonde highlight fall out, and putting on fuzzy boots. It was 11:37 p.m. I went out the window, falling about 13ft. It didn't hurt me though. My eyes turned all crystal blue, glowing in the night, and my pupils turned into slits, like a cat's. i saw three young people walking down the street. My eyes flickered, hungry. They stopped in their tracks when they saw my eyes. They didn't move. I made them do this with my eyes. No, i'm not a vampire, but they are my meal. I don't why i crave them, but i do. Because what i am. I wouldn't survive without feeding on humans. I'm different from them. I don't know what to call what i am, but i'm sorta like a witch. You could call me that, i guess.
Before i knew it i was attacking another person. I felt bad for this one, he started crying."Please...stop." I stopped attacking him,"Who are look firmiliar." I suddenly had interest in this human.Where have i seen him before?"You don't look firmiliar." He seemed to choke out."How 'bout now?"my eyes turned into human ones. His eyes grew wide."I-I I know yo-"he got cut off by my eyes."Forget everything that you've seen from 11:30 p.m., june 7th, till this moment." He got knocked out, i put my hands in pocket and left the scene. I will wonder about this. But not yet. Not when i'm like this. In my human form i will. For now, i watched him from a roof top. About ten minuets later, he walked into a house. I jumped on the roof, about fifteen feet above it(Lol Parcore). I tryed all the windows, none worked. I turned myself into a kitten. Yeah i shape shift. I pawed at the front door, meowing like crazy. It was unusual for me. I have not been in this form since i was in kindergarden. I soon heard someone say,"Did you hear that?" And walking towards the door. I suddenly heard the door click open and a person picking me up. I knew from the scent it was the same person i met at the alley. I looked up and saw his face. He's from my hometown! He's the same creature...he must be hiding it from his friends."Dude! It's a cat! Look! It's so cool!" He scratched the back of my ears. This was weird, it wasn't really comfortable. Put i started purring. I guess cats do that for more attention. But he put me down and sat on the couch watching tv. I think i had enough. I started to walk towards the stairs, i turned and he stared at me. He knew i wasn't a cat, he got up slowly, and grabbed me up and dropped me outside."phewwww." I formed back to human form, and started running."How did he know?!" I asked myself. I just realised...he was with me when i got my car power...When i got home at 3:00am my little sister was in the hall way,"Tori, where did you go?" She said sweetley."Oh nowhere. I forgot my hat at my friends. Just don't tell mom." I said back."Oh...ok!" She smiled."Is something wrong lil?" I asked."I had a bad dream..."."About what?" I asked."You. You were acting strange..." She whispered."what kind of strange..." I asked quietly."Scary...and i hid from you...because you were crazy." She whispered."thats not going to happen lil. I'll never hurt you guys." I whispered, hugging her."now go back to bed." I said, heading to my room. I fell asleep at about 4:36a.m. Luckily i didn't need much rest. I woke up to my alarm clock, it was my first day back to high school. I got ready, and left for the bus. A few people were talking about some boy-band. I hated boy-bands. They were super fake, not even good singers...couldn't help but wanna punch these people.I am new at this high school, i moved far enough for a different one long ago."what's her name? Isn't she new to this school?" Someone behind me said."uh, yeah...i guess." Someone answered.I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there was a small girl."hey! I'm Mary, these are my friends, Jack and Haley. What's your name?"she asked."oh. Hi. I'm Tori." I frowned, turning away. Not a good way of making friends tori...i reminded myself."so..." Mary whispered, walking over to her friends. I saw a flash of someone coming towards us in the corner of my eye. It was another person. I recognized him in an instant, and quickly put up my hood, and the bus had come down the street. It felt like i was waiting for an hour. I quiclky made my way on the bus, sitting in the back, where there is a seat that only one person could fit in. I dropped my backpack taking out my head phones and ipod. I listened to repeated music for a while and looked out the window, seeing my new school."uggghh. This is the worst school in history."i heard someone moan. I already hated this school. When i stepped inside it looked so nice!"Brats..." I whispered to myself. I got my schedule from my homeroom teacher."science...yayyyy." I said sarcastically. Then i saw the person sitting up front."wait...he doesn't know me...oh wait...he does from my past." I whispered to myself again. I still wanted to know if he'd freak. So i sat behind him. And when he turned around to talk to his friends, he looked shocked."hi! I'm tori...what's your name? Oh, i forgot...Brian right?"I smirked, laughing and almost falling over."i never t-thought i'd see y-you here." He shook."i know. I had to move away, so i did." I said. He turned back quickly."so..." I said."Let's just put the past behind, i don't want anyone knowing..." He whispered through his teeth."Alright, calm down! I just wanted to say hi." I put my head down focused on a piece of empty paper. By the time the bell rang i drew a perfect drawing, it had an eagle wrapping its talons around a snake. Brian quickly left the room. I scooped up my things headed to my next class. Three people walked up to me."Hey, your new here?" They asked."Uh yeah. My name is Tori." I said."Well i'm Zach, this is Ruby, and Eric." He said."Nice to meet you. So what classes do you have next?" I asked."I have science." Zach said."I just had science.""I have math." Ruby said."great me too. And you eric?" I said."Same here.Bye Zach." Eric said, and we headed down the huge hallways."This place sucks." Eric said."What?! This is the prettiest high school i've ever seen!!!" I said."Well you should see the one by the new restaurant that they put up a few blocks away from it. Our school is like garbage compared to that one."Eric said."Wow..." I said, picturing everything about it. Ruby wasn't in the talking mood. I could tell, the hole day she just frowned."Whats up Ruby?" I asked down the hallway towards the buses."Oh nothing." She sighed."Alright then. If you need anything, just come over." I gave her my address and cell phone. She smiled a bit, and i walked into my bus. A few minuets later i walked off the bus alone. Then Brian caught up to me."So, where do you love now?" He asked."Creep! I'm not telling you." I shoved him a little smiling."You are the creep! You followed me home, and actually sat a cat!" He said."It's not my falt i remembered you! I was just interested to find out where i knew you from." I said, my face filled with anger."Ok, i guess the creepiness is even!" He shoved me back and started running."Ha."he said."Fine! Even!" I yelled out, and he waved goodbye."Well, that was interesting..." I mumbled laughing to myself. I stepped in the house and my mom hugged me,"Was it fun! Did you make new friends?" She asked."Well, mom, you is TORTURE! And yeah, i made a couple of friends. And other than the torture was fine." I said. We both laughed and Lil came down stairs."Hey Lil! Did you have a good day at your new school?" I said."Yeah! It was awesome!" She said in a squeaky tone."Great!" I said hugging her. She laughed a little. Lil talked to mom a lot more than i did, because i still have not got used to the fact that i'm not her biological daughter, but i'm getting there."Tori, can you go pick some groceries up? Just a few. That's all." My mom said handing me a small list."Alright." Adding icecream to the list."Look, i'm going to pick up some ice cream Lil, just for you." I said. She smiled and hugged me.I have a way with Lil, don't I? I said to myself smiling. I was aloud to drive alone, but i get a little nervous, and i don't drive in the morning. I am very tired, and i get way more nervous. But i did it today anyway. I Reached the grocery store."let's see...Eggs, Mix, Dough, Lunch Meat....Ice Cream!"i gathered all the stuff, payed, and packed it into the car. I bought tons of icecream. When i got home it was getting dark. I heard a scream when i parked in the drive way."Hello?" I asked. I saw two people in the corner of my eye, turning my head, i could see someone...and, a dead body on the ground. I ran after the person,"Hey!!" I yelled out at the dark hooded person. I caught up, but still could not see a face. He took out a knife. I tried to go to control mode, but it wasn't enough timed, i screamed and he stabbed me in the gut. "I love you mom, Lil...." I whispered and let out my last breath. Could it be?

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